Sunday, April 23, 2017

Zhents Session 10: Plans Set In Motion and the Drow Outpost

This week's session begins with the characters split up: Tiberius and Dylan crafting, El Guapo following up on leads, and Lucas seeking a quiet chapel while Havaok looked for Audry.

Lucas finds his familiar chapel under duress as Monsignor Seymour (a secret cleric of Bane!), Arton Delmis, and a Zhent named Grodvoth trying to grapple and pin a screaming and thrashing Commander Orgauth Veruni who was just attacked by a ‘seed of insanity’- a detached eye from a youngling beholder. Lucas jumped in to aid, moments later as did Havaok and soon they had the foreign eyeball plucked from Orgauth’s now unconscious body.

After some discussion it was learned that a five-eyed creature resembling Elazarin attacked Orgauth by having one of its tentacle eyes detach from its orb body and fly into Orgauth’s empty eye socket. The event was maddening to Grodvoth.

Soon Audry arrived to join Arton in his activity only to learn of the attack and a chance encounter with Havaok. Audry learned of the attack and of Havaoks pending departure. She has not been affirmed by the Ministry nor does she believe she will be; she expressed interest in leaving the Citadel of the Raven post haste but is stuck like most everyone else. She attempts to press Havaok on the details of his travels, but he is not forthcoming. She will hopefully be returning to Mulmaster soon with Yorel (High Commander of Castle Burmstone) to fight the infestation taking place there.

Lucas suggests spreading word of this attack on the Zhentarim to the leadership and they (the characters) should take this dead beholder eye to the Magisters. Seymour agrees to heal and care for Orgauth until Grodvoth brings help. Arton and Audry continue work on a magical item and Audry says goodbye to Havaok.

Lucas and Havaok eventually find Dylan and Tiberius and locate El Guapo who is sill at the Tesseract talking with Rylestrum and Velmarius who provide much information on the beholders and their four stages of development and growth cycle into a true eye tyrant.

Next the characters travel to Greystone where Magister of the Cloak Tedric Vexx awaits with his apprentice. Without any pretext Tedric leads the characters through the winding halls of Greystone until you reach a deep chamber where the drow Aunrae and Zaida await with an underdark trail map. The map featured an abandoned drow outpost and a deep body of water labeled the Shadlowlake and The Keeper.

The characters give Tedric the seed of insanity eyeball and begin exchanging information on beholders and the deep route out of the Dragonspine Mountains. The route to the Shadowlake would take all night (approx 6 hours) taking them past the drow outpost, but the characters learn the Keeper exacts a payment to cross the Shadowlake. At this realization, a visit to the black market is suggested to attempt to purchase a suitable ring or wand for the Keeper. As far as the beholders are concerned, when El Guapo asked why after over 50 years of no aberrations are the beholders attacking now? Tedric suggested it is because Elminster was believed dead.

It was evening when the characters arrive at Bridgeton and search for ‘Broadnax’ and the black market. Lucas made contact with a striking woman who, after an exchange of key phrases, led the characters under Bridgeton and a secret corridor in the hollow inside the bridge archways. Here the characters find carpeted areas where items of artistic expression are displayed- items the Ministry would consider contraband. Dylan fences an amulet, Havaok purchases a ring for the Keeper, and the other characters purchase an array of alchemical items and potions.

Later, the characters visit Castle Hawkehelm presumably for the last time to retrieve personal items and to report to their Commander Guthbert who has some follow up information on Daggerdale. The Zhentarim, in a region such as Daggerdale, will typically relocate low folk who do not cooperate with Zhent directives; those who do remain become part of the Zhentarim peripherally if not directly. Guthbert gives the characters a thirty day timetable to bring the dale back under Zhentarim control. In addition the characters are issued Vrag’ral a cunning and obedient Orog and information on Daggerdale agents to look for. 

After visiting the property department, where the characters learn Castle Brumstone was under attack by trolls or ogres or even cyclops; the characters return to Castle Greystone where your characters set out into the underdark.

The travel underground was swift thanks to two drow and an orog who could see in the dark. It was not long before the characters eventually found the abandoned drow outpost. The outpost, covered in webbing, was now home to a hand full of chitine and a choldrith priestess. The combat lasted less than a minute and yielded some treasure that was divided out.

We begin next session here at the drow outpost. 

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