Thursday, April 13, 2017

Session 8: Tengu in the Night, what the Hess

Ampherd the new Magister of Potions
On the rooftop of Hawkehelm Castle Ampherd and the rest ofthe magisters lead the characters into an empty chapel to regroup.  A couple other attendees were lead into the chapel along with the other rooftop survivors.  Battle could be heard echoing throughout the castle.  Seeing that the castle was littered with broken furniture and litter, the group decides to barricade themselves in the chapel and discuss events.   One of the new roommates, El Guapo asks Ampherd if he had suspected his fathers possession or transformation.  Ampherd indicated he had no advance warning but admitted he had noticed a change in his father since the godsfall.  Upon further questioning Ampherd stated that Elazarin had a falling out with Velmaris and the brother of Rylestrum, Ilthond, though he didn’t know the nature of their disagreement.  As the discussion dies down the Magisters called an emergency meeting to appoint a new Magister of Potions.  Ampherd was put forth as the nominee and a vote was held by placing stones in a bag, white for yes, black for no.  The motion was carried four to one and Ampherd was elevated to his father’s former position. 

Once the vote is complete, Ampherd expresses his concern about the vaults in Castle Greystone as well as the deep druid Demeron who supplies many of the raw materials Ampherd would require.  His concerns would be expressed through action, and he calls upon the Roommates to visit the druid and report back.  It takes a couple hours for order to be restored in Hawkehelm but soon after the Magisters supply the Roommates with potions and alchemical items before returning to Greyskull.   Once the Magisters depart a Silvertail Tengu named Hess makes his presence known and begins speaking in Shadowtongue with Dylan and eventually El Guapo.   Hess provides Dylan with a bag of equipment tricks and shares the knowledge that the Tengu share a connection in shadow, a shadow that has ancient vampiric roots.  He then provides El Guapo with the scabbard that goes along with his sword.  Hess warns us that the ancient shadow is opposed by a group known as the Necrophagists.  The Tengu Hess explains that should we discover a need for training we should just whisper to the shadows and he will find us.   All of the shadow tongue discussion calls forth eight vile dark folk from the Shadowroad and a short battle ensues during which Hess aids the Roommates with magical spells that enhance each member.

After the battle, Hess departs via the Shadowroad and the Roommates return to their quarters where Lucas is surprised by a half dozen Myrmidons there to congratulate him on his completion of the Proving Grounds obstacle course.  An enjoyable celebration is had before the characters enjoy a well deserved rest. 

The next morning when the characters leave for the deep druid’s territory, the characters see three teams of three man explorer teams. With avalanches blocking many minor paths, these teams are going to appraise the condition of the main trails out of the Dragonspine.   Other than some difficult terrain, travel to the underground is uneventful until the characters reach the druid’s territory and the moldy shambling mound.  The session ended with the Shambling Mound’s defeat.   
Shambling Mound

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