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People of Note - Daggerdale

Aldrich Gundwynd: A wise old wizard and advisor to Randall, a man of Oghma and ‘Friend of Shadowdale’. He was involved in the godswar around Hillsfar where he says he actually spoke in person with the Binder and rescued Randall's sister Silver Morn. He is often seen with his falcon named David

Chaz Sawer
Chaz Sawer: A strange fey creature; self-proclaimed ranger and protector of Daggerdale and is also known to be adept at many languages. Travels with a hybsil named Zean and a green warder called Logus
Cris and Regine Rolst: Brother and Sister warrior team new to Green Orb, they have been helpful in repairing farmsteads and rebuilding lives. 
Danus Treagh
Danus Treagh: Danus was the secret head of Zhentarim operations in Tilverton, until the Black Network learned that a Harper agent from Twilight Hall in Berdusk was given the mission to eliminate Danus. He was then moved by the Black Network to Green Orb to run the local mill.
Delbert Hiel: says he's retired militia from Deepingdale, new in Black Switch. Has been asking questions about the local closed down inn: the Mage's Ruse. 
Dulwar Deepdelve: Dwarven black smith and animal trainer, he has a large shop with attached kennels and said to be expensive but is said to be the best at both. He is one of few shop owners in Dagger Falls to outright refuse the protection of the Cavaliers.
Eragyn The Dark
Eragyn the Dark: priestess of evil and Ilthond’s on again/ off again lover, she is the daughter of ‘Ruinlord’ Radargh the cleric who reopened the temple in Green Orb before the godsfall.
Fulgath: a widely hated man with a reputation of overcharging everything. Fulgath’s Caravan Supplies in Dagger Falls has basic provisions and anything useful to merchants on the road can be purchased here.

The Gilded Gentleman
The Gilded Gentleman: Tren’s lieutenant of the militia and all around man-at-arms. It is unknown what the Gentleman actually is; however he is totally loyal to Tren and gets his name from the very unusual and exotic armor wears.
Harndarr Oryn: Mornmaster and ranking cleric at Lathander’s Light in Dagger Falls.

Heldarn Dernesch
Heldarn Dernesch: The main Zhent agent in Green Orb serving as town councilor and sheriff; he also owns the tavern called Schnapps Queen.

Hieb Jenton
Hieb Jenton: A master distiller who owns a controlling interest in the distillery cooperative along with the farmers of Green Orb who also own the vast fruit orchards. Hieb was a successful businessman in Tilverton, heading the distillery there, until his cover as a master agent of the Zhentarim threatened to be undone. The Black Network spirited him out and to Green Orb last just before the godsfall.
Iceheart: Half white dragon 'queen' who controls much of Dagger Hills, her subjects pay her homage with vile rituals at each equinox and each solstice. 
Kessla Lass
Kessla Lass: A retired minstrel and owner of Red Rock Inn a tavern in Dagger Falls frequented by folk of the surrounding dale. Openly known to oppose the resistance.
Lint Delmiskyr: Co-Captain of the Cavaliers of the Order of the Lammasu and rumored childhood friend of Randall Morn. Lint is very unpopular with the Zhents because of his Cormyrean family roots and his open taunting combat tactics during his patrols in the valley.

Luth Melennon
Luth Mlennon: Teshford Arms’ most popular barkeeper and long-time resident of Dagger Falls. Always ready with a joke and a mug of Schnapps; somewhat a fool.
Mestin "Trollbane" Durmark
Mestin "Trollbane" Durmark: She is the founder and Co-Captain of the Cavaliers of the Order of the Lammasu and can be found leading resistance fighters all across the dale.
Nella Weibhardt: Waitress at the Schnapps Queen in Green Orb and Heldarn's lover. If one is bound and determined to spend the night indoors in Green Orb, a deal with Nella usually is the only road to success.
Olavia Tsardruyn: A harsh woman owner of the cold and uninviting Teshford Arms, an Inn Dagger Falls that has fallen on hard times since the Time of Troubles.
Peitra Damaken: Investigator and suspected Harper who hails from Berdusk; the Zhentarim have a bounty on her after the Time of Troubles. 
Randall Morn
Randall Morn: Patron of the Morn family and Daggerdale’s rightful leader. Dark hair and deep blue eyes and in his mid-forty’s this dalesman warrior stands tall, brave and valiant. He is also the leader of the resistance who stands firm against Zhentish control of Daggerdale.
Reiner Trall: Mestin’s partner as well as strategist of the Cavaliers of the Order of the Lammasu who currently hold the hills of western Daggerdale.
Silver Morn

Silver Morn: In her mid-thirty’s, she has only recently returned to the Dale after the events of the Time of Troubles allowed her to escape the imprisoning enchantment of an evil wizard in Hillsfar. It is rumored she is with child. 
Tharwin “one-eye” Dynter: half ogre proprietor of the Broken Dagger in Dagger Falls, a rough-and-tumble bar usually favored by many Zhent and orc mercenaries.

Tren Noemfor
Tren Noemfor: Constable of Dagger Falls, he insures that trade flows smooth and undisturbed through the Dale. Not much is known of this man due to his ability to rule from behind the golden curtain of The Gilded Gentleman and the protective eye of the Cavaliers of the Order of the Lammasu.
Tristarm: Road marshal along the Tethyamar trail from Anathar's Dell to Dagger Falls. Flying colors of neutrality, Tristarm and his band of hunters keep the trail safe from marauding monsters.

Vacek Kordova
Vacek Kordova: Friend of Randall, Vacek as well as many other Riders of Mistledale joined Randall's resistance against the Zhentarim and helped win over much of Dagger Hills.

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