Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kings-Men 5: The Peasants Are Revolting

We begin this week’s session moments after the battle with the goblins, wrogs, and the pair of winter wolves. As Baracus skins the two winter wolves the rest of us prepare to press onward along the King’s Road and Caer Leon.

Later, we come to a low rise where Caer Leon was carved out of; inside the gate were paved walkways, ramps and thoroughfares; a well made if not neglected community in the shadows of what our characters learn later are the severed heads of the missing Baron and his court. Also below this gruesome display were ogre and bugbears herding peasants to their enclosures; however when they say us the monsters took up arms and charged at us. We killed them all, took their stuff and liberated the captives.

We take our rest in the Baron’s manor, after speaking with peasant spokeman who explains that most of the larger group of ogres were taken by the leader to one of the border forts to deal with a dwarf infestation. We help ourselves to the Barons treasure as Hannibal reports in, including Ace with a 100 gp gold chain.

Major Garrett amends our mission, now that a goal has been achieved- finding out the fate of the Baron- and wants us to take the fight to the enemy (and help the dwarves) and to visit the other border forts as well. No one here as seen Sir Charles of Baconridge or Glynnis in Caer Leon. We leave directly after eight hours of rest to leave under the cover of darkness.

The King’s Road veers north east, we continue north west to the border fort following a map. Along the road we see recent wagon wheel tracks along the way. We take a short six hour rest and continue. The next day, around a bend in the road, we come to what we believe to be the border fort under siege with the dwarves defending themselves against the ogres and bug bears.

We are awarded 4,000 ex and gain sixth level, we begin next week with the battle for the north east border fort.

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