Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kings-Men 3: A Coons Age

We begin the morning after our battle with one-eye Caitlin and her half-elf brutes. Our characters make some minor repairs to the farmstead as we intend to leave behind the livestock and recovered farmstead wares. Our characters bury the dead farmer family. Ace, however succeeds in pilfering a copper pot.

The road to Glendalough was a narrow affair compaired to the King’s Road; nevertheless our characters happen across another farmstead whereby our characters inform them of the death of One-eye and the free livestock just up the road.
Pushing on through the hills our characters finally reaching Glendalough in the mid-evening. Glendalough proves to be a welcoming community of less than a hundred buildings with the monastery to Ohgma the major landmark. As per our usual custom our characters look for and find an inn: Bridget’s Fire. The inn had an attached corral outside; inside, there was a warm fire, a trio performing the greats, and a comely woman who was more than happy to accept our character’s coins for two double rooms.

Inside our characters take in the night life, Hannibal overheard half a conversation on the merits against ‘the old way’- an argument that may never be resolved; nevertheless the festivities continue throughout the night.

Early the next morning our characters seek out who the authority figure is to inform them of the farmstead up the road and the death of One-eye and her bandits. Our characters travel to the monastery where we find people working fields and ploying their craft; it is here our characters meet Brother Cromarty who takes our statement and refers us to either the Scriptorium or the library for Father Benetto.

Our character’s first stop was the scriptorium where people worked their fingers to the bone for Oghma; here too was an old map worked into the floor. The map was without Coalchester, but had Caer Leon, a large forest north of Glendalough, the King’s Road past Viklow and beyond to what is now elven lands.

Without Father Benetto, our characters make our way to the library and a private study room where Father Benetto eventually meets us. The old father, loyal to the king, was a stooped man with a penchant for odd socks and a fire in his heart for what he believes. Hannibal reveals ourselves as Kings-men and our search for Sir Charles of Baconridge.

“Baconridge is going for the Book of Life” The book of what? Father Benetto informs the uneducated that the Book of Life is a tome of healing rituals, curative methods and, Sir Charles believes, what maybe the cure for The Plague. It is a golden book and the opposed Book of Death, which is how Father Benetto believes The Plague started. Furthermore Father Benetto believes the treasure still lies in Vicklow, in a secret vault that was never unsealed when texts say treasures were moved during the war. Father Benetto even produced very old blueprints to prove his hypothesis.

He maintains Sir Charles was after the Book of Life and that he, Father Benetto, and Sir Charles with Glynnis in tow, returned to Glendalough for the proof which he was now providing our characters. A crystal revealed a secret room on the blueprints of Viklow that Raghnall saw as worth of taking by the course of the meeting.

We agree that his idea has merit and he asks us to go, but our duties must take precedent. When our characters depart we donate a 2gp brass arm band and purchase new socks for the odd father.

Hannibal later reports in to Major Garrett while some of us sell of loot gathered off one-eye’d Caitlyn and prepare to journey back to Coalchester, the King’s Road and beyond; Hannibal also recommends the One-eye cat as a safe house. Hannibal tells Major Garrett that regardless if the Book of Life is true, Sir Baconridge believed it was, and that may change our mission course. Nevertheless our characters will continue to travel north.

The next morning on the road we pass a traveling pelt salesman who has worg pelts he says came from a man named Riker. The pelts came at a stiff price, but Baracus encouraged us not to buy the flea ridden skins. Our characters press on to Coalchester were we did not have a problem obtaining access, even in the night.

Awoken early at the One-eyed Cat we are taken before Baron McClane who wishes to see is immediately about our travel to Glendalough and our intensions on going north. He begins by asking ‘are we going for the book?’ revealing that he has spies everywhere. Our curt response is that our charter is not to seek the treasure. He emphasizes that our actions will have geopolitical ramifications and Baron McClane wants to make certain our interests ally with his; the Baron does not seem to condone interference with the current status quo. He believes he knows what our mission is, this reveals again the Baron’s distaste for the King. We are shown the door, our horses and then the gate as we are escorted out of Coalchester.

Along the King’s Road, four hours later, near the border to Axebridge we come to Canton and the adjacent silver mine. By all accounts Canton should be abandoned, but evidence disproves this. Smoke rose from buildings, and sounds of a community could be heard. Raghnall sneaks in as the rest of the group attract the attention of a human guard. Meanwhile inside the walled Canton, Raghnall spots half elves and the rest of the night was combat with the half-elf shield wall.

We begin next session after the battle in Canton. 

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