Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kings-Men 2: Longsleeper

We begin with our characters rainy approach Castle Colechester where we hope to speak with Baron McClane and his son John Jr. However our character’s late arrival is greeted with a closed door and a referral to a nearby longhouse for shelter.

Ace and Egol find clever shelter for the horses as Face mingles with the others huddled in the longhouse. This, along with Hannibal’s report to Major Garret, reveals some new names who had been in contact with Sir Charles of Baconridge and Glynnis- the two previous Kings-men.

·         Malcolm Donovan, the head of the Baron’s housecarl who commands about twenty swordsmen.
·         Delavan Scott, the court wizard who is never without several aids at his service.
·         Third, one of the Baron’s inner circle; nevertheless, people react superstitiously around her.
·         Brother Martin, a well liked baker who seems to lack the heart behind being the primary cleric of Colechester. He was Opal’s replacement from Glendalough; Opal died a year ago weeks after midwinter.
·         Dubricus D’Ambreville, a spellcaster who has been living here since midsummer (just before Charlie and Glynnis arrived).
·         The Baron McClane

Our characters post a watch, but the grey and rainy night passes uneventful.

The next morning our characters walk our horses to the open doors of Castle Colechester and directly to the stables where two youngins take to our horses immediately. After this, our characters turn to take in the nice community inside the castle walls; a market square, a chapel, and shops that cater to the traveler or the homesteader. Further in was the Main Keep; however its doors stood closed.

Our characters eventually meet up with Devereaux the Castellan who, after seeing our Pegasus Seal, tells us the Baron is unavailable, it was his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the night before. Our characters call upon the formal hospitality of the Baron as Kings-men and are soon allowed to eat and clean up. When asked about the Baron’s son, we find out John Jr. is not very well liked.

By midday our characters were in the court of the Baron. All the afore mentioned personages were here along with a vexing dwarf named Rory Brightmail. Hannibal states our official business for passing through Axebridge: investigating the disappearance of the Baron of Axeminster and the two kings-men Charlie and Glynnis. (which actually makes us the B-team)

McClane responds indifferently but is polite while he and Rory express the knowledge that nothing comes back from the north (save John Jr.), and that the elves of the north eventually drive everything south from their lands. But as far as Charlie and Glynnis, they spoke to Baron McClane mainly of the mission at hand- their search for the Baron of Axeminster.

Our characters are lead, by guard, to John McClane Jr. in a nearby barracks to hear his account of his trip north. He and Avrim gathered twenty of the best men and about fifty more free-militia and ventured north. As he speaks he gets noticeably nervous, prompting some proactive spellcasting from Hannibal and Egol. John’s tale leads to a recounting of an extended valley and the discovery of Caer Leon, the ancestral home of the McClane’s given to the Darcy’s.

They camped and in the morning everything was on fire. John Jr.’s recount became confused as he spoke of giants, something in the sky, and wolves that walked on two legs. “Avrim said to run, so I ran.” He lost track of time and was sure he was dead, but not alone. This went on until he found himself looking at Castle Colechester.

Satisfied for now, our characters break to reequip with the quartermaster for tomorrow’s departure, find masterwork tools for Face, and find the friendly local watering hole the One-eyed Cat where our character’s find Brother Martin and his apple turnovers and Third enjoying some alone time.

Third, answering some questions from Egol, is with the Sisterhood of St. Maruda and she came here answering a dream that told her to travel until she felt she should travel no further. Brother Martin on the other hand, explained that is was all he could do to keep Glynnis advancements off while Old Charlie visited a man named Father Benetto. Benetto, sent from Glendalough to replace Opal, he had some fresh ideas about The Plague, but soon the two and without preamble took Father Benetto back to Glendalough where he presumably still is. Charlie and Glynnis returned a short time later to continue to Axeminster. Brother Martin does not think Baron McClane was fond of Father Benetto.

After, when the castle was asleep, Ace and Face investigate Colechester with no events. The next morning we leave on the King’s Road, however we don’t head north. Instead we cut across the land and make our direction toward Glendalough to inquire about this new lead in Father Benetto.

About midday we first see evidence of a fire then discover a partially burned farmstead still smoldering with ma and pa Farmer along with their younglings killed in cold blood; their entire farm including livestock looted.

Baracus picks up a trail and we begin to follow it Nnorth east to these murderers which turned out to be old witch one-eye Caitlin and her three half-elf brutes. We kill them to death, gathering what valuables we could find before leaving them to the crows and our eventual return to the farmstead at night fall where our characters work to lay these people to rest.

We are awarded 750 xp and find a Silver Arm Band 10g, Brass Arm Band 2g, Amber Necklace 20g, Silver Earrings 10g, Bronze Torc 10g, and a master work boarspear and a master work suit of studded leather.

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