Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kings-Men 6: Border Fort Tour

… The King’s Road veered north east as our characters continue north west to the border fort following the map. Along the road we see recent wagon wheel tracks along the way. We take a short six hour rest and continue. The next day, around a bend in the road, we come to what we believe to be the border fort under siege with the dwarves defending themselves against the ogres and bug bears...

It proved to be three ogres (one mage, and two brutes) and their leader upon a wholly rhino, who made his entrance by delivering the heads of dwarven miners in a gruesome sack over the border keep palisade. Bolstering their numbers were seventeen bug bears.

We defeat the attackers and introduce ourselves to the dwarves, eventually telling him of our kings-men orders to aid if the dwarves should require. Thorgrim Battlehammer, a dwarven clan chief, bids our characters stay and feast after our victory, while he checks on the status of the iron mine and the fate of the miners.

Inside the border fort, our characters see the improvements the dwarves have made as well as some of the injured; furthermore no one here as seen Sir Charles of Baconridge or Glynnis.

Later during feasting Thorgrim shares with us the details of their week under siege and his long term plans of maintaining this border fort as well as the mine with lofty hopes of somehow becoming a Baron after it’s all said and done.

That night during Hannibals report to Major Garrett, Hannibal releys this and conveys our support. Major Garrett says 25% of the mines output goes to the crown, the Barony is more complicated than that and will have to be negotiated, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.

The next morning most of our characters are fitted with hangovers, nevertheless our group travels east early that day and arrive at the next border fort late that day. The outpost is deserted and neglected with no valuables left behind; the night goes by uneventful (Egol thinks he sees a large serpentine silhouette in the sky) and we depart early the next morning.  

Around midday our character’s path intersects the King’s Road, but beyond that Baracus starts to feel a sense of calm as well as a natural resonance with the land- a strong indication of druidic presence.

Our characters arrive at the third fort to find it has been visited manys times, we even find a shrine and well maintained barracks and store house. It is here where Ace leaves a pint of vodka and Baracus a magical cloak of resistance +1. During the night Egol notices a wolf watching us during his watch, then that morning Baracus speaks with a hawk, hopefully to deliver a message to the druid.

Again our characters leave early for the final border fort, but after a few short hours our characters come to a shallow valley and a group of half elves, a wolf, two werewolves, and a familiar hawk. This is where we will begin next session.

We are awarded 6,000 exp, gain seventh level, and our second mythic tier.

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