Friday, December 23, 2016

Kings-Men 4: Ya'll Fools Need To Go South

We begin the this week’s session moments after the battle with the half-elves in Canton. Ace and Egol gather the dead, bind the unconscious and pile valuables together; Raghnall maintains his disguise and performs reconnaissance; while the rest of our characters announce to the Conton villagers that we are just peaceful travelers.

Hannibal finds a villager and learns these humble folk are just as surprised to see travelers as our characters are to find people in a town that is supposed to be deserted. These people are just trying to survive and they don’t hold the half-elves in contempt; in fact they state Stiorra insured many of them it was safe here while they work the silver mine.

Our characters go to meet this woman and were met with hostility but our characters did not kill them. Instead took them prisoner, took their stuff, and reported them to Major Garrett who would send the Baron’s Housecarl to escort her, her roguish male companion and the people of Canton back to Colechester. Before that our characters learn that Stiorra was taking advantage of an opportunity and that it was not personal against the king. As far as striking out against our characters: simply stated our characters looked like a threat. Later, Hannibal addresses the truth of the matter before an uneventful night.
The next morning Ace and Raghnall go hunting and bag their limit, but also find perimeter tracks around Canton about five days old. Around mid afternoon we hear the approach of the Baron’s Housecarl, a total of ten riders lead by Third. Our palaver is brief, and after learning they will bring everyone back to Colechester, our characters decide to leave for points north shortly thereafter. But not before Ace absconds with a box of wine. 

About an hour before nightfall our characters cross the border into Axeminster and to a largely unused road; a couple of hours after that our characters find a dilapidated enclosure suitable for camp. Overnight, during Hannibal’s watch, our characters are attacked by goblins who bore medallions bearing the image of a dragon or lizard.

The next morning our characters expect to reach Caer Leon, however worgs with goblin riders wielding chopper swords and winter worgs would have something to say about it. When the smoke clears our characters realize these also have dragon medallions and they were led by the sinister and intelligent winter worgs. We are awarded 2,300 xp

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