Friday, December 18, 2015

12/16/15 Virtues Session 31: There's a Gate in His Chest

It took me a while to piece everything together, but it was the Chief of Staff that hired me to kill Admiral Nelandrach Olithir.” Inasia said while in a ‘we’re all friends here’ combat stance motioning to the Chief of Staff Carvanatos Tramore’s unmoving body.

Above the politicians room, where they were gathered had been going through some extensive refurbishing, to what ends it was hard to discern when on high alert.

Go on.” Dolgrin bayed the woman, careful not to put too much faith in the words of an assassin.

You may not be aware of it but Count Keirkin is involved and is supposed to become the new Duke.” Inasia continued not knowing this news was well known among the heroes of Virtue.

Why did you attack Count Vyt?” Syrendross asked the assassin.

I believed him to be under some kind of compulsion and hoped a slight injury would snap him out of it.” Inasia said in perfect honesty.

On the floor Carvanatos’ body began to tremble subtly then it exploded from the ground slamming against the nearest wall as unearthly wail issued from his distended jaw. From Carvanatos’ center mass a swirling maelstrom opened in his chest creating a portal between this world and the abyss.

 After destroying Carvanatos once and for all, his body folding in upon itself, the drow anti paladin and the rest of the demons flee. Dramen was successful in teleporting everyone including Inasia to the Dwarven Temple. Inasia thanks us and vows to leave Bouvet Keep; she tells Syrendross to tell Admiral Nelandrach she believes in him and hopes he becomes the new Duke. She also makes a statement that she and Kyras would cross paths again.

We decide to rest and in the morning we are given a message from Admiral Nelandrach that the prisoner Skelp indeed knows where Ziad the Inquisitor will be today.

We are awarded 12,800 xp and will start next week’s session at Hollow Mount with a meeting with the Admrial. 

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