Saturday, December 12, 2015

12/09/15 Virtues Session 30: The Politician's Room

Bloody and weary the heroes of Virtue rounded the exquisite stone sitar case and into a private office where to individuals were addressing each other. The first individual, a man, the heroes recognized at once- Bouvet Keep Chief of Staff Carvanatos Tramore the other individual, a woman no one recognized until she spoke.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, along with Pergoyt, the Carvanatos greeted us with a sadistic smile but before he could begin his monologue and explain his end game and how we were too late...

The woman drove a blade through the man quieting his words forever. The known as Inasia looked up and saw us take up arms and begin spellcasting but before that...

"Wait let me explain."

Our session began with an uneasy reception from Countess Decara Zhaynd and her retinue the monk Klang, Moed and ETone (blue markers); Count Idar Tan, Pergoyt and Ywary (green markers); Count Vyt and Daviar with the individual Sireff attempting to kill Vyt before following Carvanatos Tramore up the Politician's Stairs (yellow markers); and finally Count Wydimore, Zyg, Dr. Ceuth, and Aomy (red markers). 

The battle was short and we were able to take prisoners, and before we hastily vaulted after Carvanatos our sympathizers Count Idar Tan, Ywary; Count Vyt and Daviar, agreed to look after our prisoners. 

Surrendered; Jaip, Freen, Kimp (Black Hawk Guards), and Moed and ETone 

Escaped: Srp, Usitt (Black Hawk Guards) as well as Count Wydimore, Zyg, Dr. Ceuth, and Aomy (technically, although they did send two guards to aid us as they departed the Politician's Room.)

We were awarded with 7,250 Xp. We begin next session with Inasia's explanation. 

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