Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new sense of purpose!

(SAM) Most competitive fighters are tuff; anyone who says otherwise is trying to convince himself. The amount of money available and level of technological training guarantee you can be in the best physical shape possible in 6 to 9 months. Another couple months of martial arts or any other of 1000 fighting styles and you’re ready for the ring, or so you would convince yourself. Where the champions stand out is in mental toughness, if you believe there is the slightest chance you will lose, you will. I have tried so many ways to prepare mentally for a fight but never found a method that worked every time. Trainers commented on my level of dedication, but I didn’t listen. In hindsight that could have been the problem.
When the alien presence invaded my mind something snapped me back to those training sessions. Fighting a battle both mental and physical I new I couldn’t win them both. I surrendered to the physical attack and focused on defending myself mentally. I didn’t feel like I was being attacked maliciously it was more like desperation. Maybe the last act what ever this thing is that has now bound it’s self to me. I do sense a constant presence perhaps even trying to communicate with me; however I can’t seem to make out the random thoughts it projects into my mind. Perhaps given time we can learn to understand each other in some form or another. I do feel more relaxed now than I have in years, like a 2 ton weight has been lifted off me and things are going to work out for us. I will keep everyone updated as my situation unfolds.


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I would like to Thank MR. Tury for the photoshop work.

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