Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is left

(Jessie) While I support the groups stance on altering the time line; I believe that our best chances at overcoming Mukai is in the past, undoing what he has done. Not unnecessarily taking our own steps to our advantage, but somehow remove his advantage. It took him a lot to recover from us simply removing items from a safe in WWII.

I have this power for a reason and therefore believe we are on the right track on dealing with these past groups. Returning them from tampering with history removes Mukai's advantage 'now' and will make it easier to ultimately take him down.

We have seen what happens when we go after the temporal devices in the here and now, they get tipped off, removing our element of surprise and we have our asses handed to us.

What is left (In 'order')
1. May 31, 1908 (Tunguska) Completed
2. July 1947 (Roswell, NM) Completed
3. Oct 31, 1963 (Dallas, TX)
May 31, 1968 (Los Angles)

A. Dec 31, 390 AD (Alexandra, Egypt) Possible Destruction of the Great Library
B. Dec 31, 584 BC (
Jerusalem) Possible Arc of the Covenant

It will be interesting to see what trouble our actions caused Mukai when we return to the current time.

('Flight Suit' uniform as I appear in the field. Note the American flag on my shoulder.)


James said...

(James) It just occured to me that my post title may give the wrong impression. I'm having a hell of a time with the game! And I'm totally in love with my character!

Gordzilla said...

No problem, understood:)

harrygoblin said...

I believe we have all been in favor of reaching back for the "observation teams" all along. No one needs convinced of that. We just have to limit ourselves to foiling other attempts at alterations instead of endeavoring our own alterations. That is the point we have failed to unanimously agree on, Captain.