Monday, July 7, 2008


Name: Jessie Ralston Rank: Captain
What protocol is utilized during executive security detail...

(Jessie) I always suspected but now we know; President Woods anticipated the Eldridge Event. She knew what was going to happen, that's how she was at Area 51 so fast; she was 'tipped off'.

This question was on the last exam...
Back when this all started, I had trouble discerning what were post-cognitive visions and what were real memories, but I will not mistake the look on the President's face when she realized we knew time was being manipulated.

Taking up the stylus indicating the correct answer on the screen (here goes nothing)...
That makes two in as many hou
rs: President Afleck; our government liaison- he too perceives the wrinkles in time. And Janis Keats; powers or not could be an adversary to me.

Done, that only took a few hours.
In the grand scheme of events, I will use my power to stop any and all manipulations of the time stream- I am not above fighting fire with fire however.

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