Saturday, June 14, 2008

Capt. Jessie Ralston Report

(Jessie) After much discussion about undoing the damage caused by Mukai or going after time-light machines, (all while the headline news featured us against ‘suited’ opponents) we decided to go after and destroy the machines. Since Mukai could easily recover from anything we do while there are time-light devices remaining.

At the University of Chicago- we discovered the whole area (device and all) moved out.

Columbia University yielded similar results, save for a power converter-type component- which we recovered.

However, after persuading the downtown bank president to open early- we had much better luck. The central vault was merely an antechamber to a deeper room that did contain a time-light device.

In the process, Sam investigates a mysterious safe-deposit room full of timeless treasures and art from history.

Battle with a robot/synthetic humanoid occurred, while attracting the attention of a heroic woman.

And I discovered that the last time the time-light device was used was by Percy’s cohorts during the night of the Speedster. And… that this time-light device manipulated energies not to travel through time, but to create powers in individuals- the Speedster didn’t ‘come’ from anywhere, he was ‘created’ here.

The device was hastily brought to Area 51.


James said...

(Jessie) I wonder If we can take the converter component, hook it up to this time-light device so I can channel energies and bring out some powers in individuals.

harrygoblin said...

We also discovered, in an ill fated attempt to influence the past through our own manipulations, that interfering with anything in the past brings great change and negative repercussions for all involved, Once again we moved directly against the notion that we should ONLY counter what Mukai has sent back. We agreed early on that we should resist that temptation at all costs, and as leader of this unit, I must emphasize that situations like the letter that was sent back MUST NOT BE REPEATED.
It was a good rule early, and it is an even better rule late.


James said...

(Jessie) Hard lessons are learned the hard way.