Monday, June 2, 2008

Capt. Jessie Ralston: Speical Ops Report

(Note: Jessie on her Harley *click to embiggen*)

(Jessie) Battle with the Egyptian Statues was the most challenging yet. They were impervious to most forms of our attacks, it seems that the only way to dispatch them was to send them back to their own time... or defeat their controller.

After completing our errand of setting up sensors for Percy, it was decided to wait until the Tunguska event to hopefully snare the observers out of the time stream as we return to our current time. This proved to be the correct course of action as our return to Area 51 with the observation pod and it occupants was successful.

I swear its getting like I can conduct these battery of tests on myself! Armed with information Percy gave us about the times 'his' teams were sent to observe:
1. May 31, 1968
2. July 1947 (Roswell, NM)
3. May 31, 1908 (Tunguska) Completed
4. Oct 31, 1963 (Dallas, TX) The Kennedy assassination.
5. Dec 31, 390 AD (Alexandra, Egypt) Destruction of the Great Library
6. Dec 31, 584 BC (
Jerusalem) Possible Arc of the Covenant

Mukai is proving to be a bullish force, one that has not seemed to backed down or taken any 'time' off. These temporal machines must be dismantled or destroyed- starting with the one in Chicago.


James said...

(James) If I have left anything out or we want to discuss what to do next that will be cool.

Gordzilla said...

The man Nova was revealed to be the missing German Scientist, he also ended up exploding when you tried to bring everyone back with you..And there is that little pesky problem of aging.