Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kings-Men 8: Largest Ever Seen

… after dispatching the goblin gaurds, then later a group of goblin archers, and finally a group of
gillie goblins with a winter wolf, our characters looked upon the east border fort. A plan was quickly concocted where Raghnall would set alchemist fire and caltrop traps as the rest of the A-team approach cautiously as the sun sets behind them.

Each border fort was layed out the same with the stand out differences being the upkeep or lack of in each fort our characters investigated; however this one had a round yurt erected in the courtyard. Battle commenced with Ace jumping over the palisade, bow in hand, while the rest of the A-team showed off their mythic might on the barghests and the goblins of hob.

Our characters gathered the treasure, which included: burglar boots, major (Ace), ring of delayed doom, +1 weapon, +1 sa (Hannibal), ring of wishes, three (Raghnal [+1 Dex], Baracus [+1 Dex], Egol), +1 armor (Egol), and two potions or scrolls of second spell level or lower. Also gathered were masterwork weapons to be taken back to the druid’s secret community in the woodlands.

Our characters decide to camp outside with filthy east border fort where Hannibal makes his report to Major Garrett that all forts are relatively secure, the threat of the Goblin-King is no more, and that our destination now is Vicklow in a few days hence.

Late the next day our characters arrive to the secret woodland community to a night of stories, revelry, dance, drink and physical pleasures (after which Raghnall gives an enchanted cloak tohis woman).

Our characters set out early the next day and travel late and encounter the King’s Road along the way where our characters turn north to a relatively unmaintained road and increasing colder temperatures.

Eventually we find Vicklow built into a massive bluff, magically protected and mechanically locked against intrusion. After a few moments of study Egol feels a presence and Raghnall finds the magical protections. Raghnall disables the mechanical lock and in a moment of inspiration Egol freely walks into the monastery, and as the war priest walks past Raghnal uses his skill to emulate what was needed to also pass into Vicklow, the door shut firmly behind them.

We pick up here next Thursday. We were awarded 2,800 xp and 1 mythic trial. 

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Russ said...

I love the Ted Scene!

If no one took or wants the ring of delayed doom I will wear it. If some else wanted it then that's cool as well.