Friday, January 20, 2017

Kings-Men 7: The Secret In The Woodlands

The Durid’s name was Connie and to her right and left were half-elf rangers of the bowman variety, while flanking them were werewolf hybrids- who were also rangers but of the melee combat variety. A symbol of the Stag Lord was visible upon them.

Hannibal immediately uses his diplomacy to adjust their initial attitude towards favorable to us when the druid suddenly warned us not to advance along our path further; because further ahead is the Goblin King.

When questioned further, she bid us to follow her into the nearby wooded area. Baraccus seemed to trust her immediately and followed her, while Hannibal showing trepidation and Raghnall expressing impatience along the way. An hour later we arrive to a secluded community nestled in the woodlands; humans and half-elves made up most of the community of frontiersmen. Watching the people react to the druid we see how comfortable everyone is even in the presence of werewolves.

Connie leads us to a community building where we tell her of our travels and our goal of reaching the east border fort. She explains that the Goblin King was driven out of the mountains a year and a half ago (after midsummer) by dragons. As far as the strength of the Goblin King’s forces, she diflects that question to a ranger named Tristan.

Tristan, part of a scout group, described four tiers of enemies consisting of goblins with wargs commanded by winter wolves in the first tier. The second tier populated by trained hobgoblins, he estimates their number at seventeen. Third are the Goblin Kings lieutenants, two lesser versions of the Goblin King- the top tier enemy, and through Tristan’s description Hannibal was able to discern these to be barghests and the Goblin King a greater barghest.

There has been no contact with the former King’s-men Sir Baconridge and Glynnis, who we believe went to Vicklow.

With this valuable information our characters return to the road without further delay. Ace leaves his sturdy cart behind. Shortly thereafter Hannibal makes a report to Major Garrett about the Goblin King, how John Jr. was telling the truth in his lunatic ravings and leaving out Connie and the woodlands community.

Over the course of the day our characters encountered a group of goblin sentenials, then later a group of goblin archers, and finally a group of gillie goblins with a winter wolf. We dispatched each group, Raghnall gathering oilfactory components to his disguises; our characters finally arrive a half hour before sunset to the east border fort.

We gain 1012 xp and begin next session with the attack on the Goblin King. 

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