Thursday, March 13, 2008

Have a damn beer!

It is going to be difficult to be effective without putting yourself out there. We're going to seen and we're going to be recognized. Not in the, 'Hey isn't that Phil Pfister?' kind of way; but 'Hey isn't that Supernova?'. I may have come across wrong, I just didn't want to put our identities in front of every YouVid page or the Egyptian Media.

I believe that Major Rutherford would do anything he can for us, however I must differ to General Doolittle. Regardless I think we actually use this to 'help ourselves' for whatever reason. One thing is for sure there are alot of people out there and were not the only ones looking for them. God! All I can think of are long days followed by increasingly dangerous run-ins. You can sleep when your dead, right?

As for this other contact, it would be nice to share a beer and discuss the mutual ways we can help ourselves. I'm hoping that he could be another Kennedy for us. Speaking of which I wonder when he's coming back.


Russ said...

(Sam) As far as our identities go I am in complete agreement. One day I will return to a “normal” life and when I do I can’t afford to have these events catching up to me.

As far as the General is concerned that’s where we disagree. Remember your not a soldier anymore, they made it very clear we do not exist, If Doolittle doesn’t know why we are here then he dosen’t have the clearance to know about us.

I have always hated the military’s politics, blind faith in authority, and the “chain of command”. It should be the best man for the job end of story, not “since I am General huff and stuff it’s my way or the high way” & I'll take what I don't deserve because I am General Big Prick Taylor. Rutherford is our man and if Doolittle has a problem with that than he can express his pity at the top of MT Everest where I’ll leave him.

And sweetheart I wouldn’t plan on getting chummy with every person we “recruit” remember what we are here for we are acquiring people that show abilities. I seriously doubt having a beer at the local pub is going to convince most people to give up there lives and volunteer to be a science experiment. You know what they did to us; it’s the same for all of them. I bet they have already put that 8 year old boy through more test than he deserves. But if you have to convince yourself we are helping these people so you can sleep at night….then so be it.

(Russ) Remember my character was kicked out of the military for fighting so there is a little lingering hostility there. And
"I am a ticking time bomb of fury".

robm1171 said...


I'm thinkin' the more we see of the Major and the less of Doolittle, is for the best. Doolittle seems to me to be... well, like those weasels that get where they are either by riding other people's coatstrings or by just sitting, looking for the next opportunity to get his name out there. He's not interested in what may seem insignificant to him, just how much glory he can garner for himself. Huh, maybe some of the music execs have gone to the same schooling as he did...