Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Public Forums Post

(Jessie) My post on a public NY forum. Hopefully this will bring them to us.

Did you ever have that feeling that some is watching you? That if anyone learns of what you can do, "They" will lock you up? Or. What if you can't control what is happening around you or someone is controlling you?

Text YES to: 78-737-6682

You shouldn't have to look over your shoulder anymore.


Gordzilla said...


Everywhere I move the walls seem to watch, then I am bathed in a red light. I can't explain what has happened to Manhatten anymore than I can explain what has happened to me.

Text: 212 736 5000

Russ said...


I need help, when I feel scared or angry fire erupts from within me. I can’t control it and have even set a few buildings on fire. I am also running out of clothes as they are consumed every time. I was forced from my apartment building after an “explosive” outburst with other tenants and am now wandering the streets without money in need of shelter. Can you help us?