Thursday, February 21, 2013

Noble's Gate

Soon after the Minstrel was convinced to construct theWaterdeep to Amphail road, several names became associated with the short Trade Way extension; one that would split off into two directions from Amphail.

The west road or Iron Road from Amphail leads onward to the Golden Fields, Bargewright Inn, Secomber, and points beyond; while the north Long Road were the Evermore Way was completed or farther north still to Longsaddle terminating at Mirabar.

Coined The Noble Road after the hamlet of Amphail was elevated to status of town and all who enter its walls from Waterdeep would pass through the Noble's Gate. Amphail, already known for its scarcity of real estate Noble's Gate was made into a shrine to the Pantheon who some say can be thanked for the prosperity Amphail enjoys- despite the Time of Troubles.

So that no deity is placed above another only a single characteristic from one of these seven incarnations are represented on the tiles paving the gate:

Community- is the bond that protects families, friends, towns and cities alike.
Fate- the fulfillment of life to its greatest degree and pursue all its mysteries.
Knowledge- to learn one must admit one is ignorant.  
Nobility- is the strength in family, and worth of one’s deeds.
Pride- is the product of praise, independent self-reflection, and fulfilling feeling of belonging.
Strength- is a multifaceted idea of perseverance, power, and vitality.
Travel- spreading of culture, and enrichment of the soul. 

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