Monday, October 19, 2009

Magic in the North

There are those who learn to ply the Arcane Arts, others who parley with forces to acquire it, and then there are individuals who were born with it in their blood. They are (Eldrich) Eld-Born, or sorcerers- spellcasters that do not need toil in front of musty tomes and spellbooks or make pacts with the denizens of magic. Wizards and their ilk can train and learn to become spell-casters but in the North, they are considered vastly inferior to sorcerers, whose life blood contains the eldritch power to spontaneously strike down armies from afar or influence the weak with a whisper. Even some creatures outside the civilized streets, houses and governments are considered eld-born as well: griffons, unicorns and winter wolves- to name a few; all have an innate magical ability that is not learned but instinctual.

It is common knowledge that two sorcerers can often produce a sorcerer child. And as of this writing; is not known if such a birth has ever occurred between a sorcerer and non-sorcerer parentage. Therefore, arranged marriages and or planned births are practiced in the North. However, over the years there has been a notable decline in sorcerer births- leading to an increased feeling of unrest and some desperation in the magical community- with some asking if winter wolves, unicorns and the like are waning in births.

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