Monday, August 17, 2009

Anton Stepanov

  • A decorated Soviet Word War 2 war solider who was vital in repelling the Nazis from the Soviet Union.
  • Medical reports indicate that he was dying of an unknown terminal illness.
  • Believing that he was dyeing Stepanov rushed head on to meet his own death, accidentally elevating himself into a war icon.
  • Soviet scientists admit using a process stolen from Nazis by which they could create an ideal weaponized soldier.
  • For the next fifty years Anton served covertly in every single military conflict that the Soviet Union participated in.
  • Tenloss Group, a quasi-military private organization emerged from Stepanov’s ideas and expertise- A Vision of World Police. In 1985 Tenloss was awarded contractual capitol security and police jurisdiction in Washington DC.

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Gordzilla said...

Cool, good casting!