Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, December 7th 1987, 07:53

The Inter-dimensional Council (IDC) was initiated after the Roswell incident of 1947. The foreign capsule wreckage was taken to Area 51, in the Nevada Desert where it was studied, tested and reverse-engineered.

By reverse-engineering the advanced - seemingly futuristic technology - and using unified field theory, scientists developed a faster than light vehicle consisting of two counter-rotating cylindrical containers filled with cryogenically frozen mercury; this generates a powerful electromagnetic-gravitational field capable of providing momentum for a FTL Vehicle.

The trans-dimensional device uses a reactor-type engine salvaged from the wreckage from the Roswell event. This device allowed them to generate a distortion field around a piloted capsule which will displace it through the planes- but in this case though time and space.

The capsule is released in a low-orbit launch counter to the earth’s rotation- where it reaches faster than light speed, after which pilots will steer the capsule towards the required space and time coordinates.

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James said...

GM Note: after review of my notes- I figured that each round of skill checks would take 24 hours off the possible seven days of time-travel as would each failed skill check to a minimum of 24 hours. I know this is contrary to what I said earlier, but I'll make sure to hand out hero points for my oversight.