Thursday, June 1, 2017

Zhents Session 16: The Sleeping Maiden and the Green Time-Thief

This week's session finds the characters an hour between Black Switch and the Ruins of Kellet where three lines converged on your map, they find a idyllic grove of beautiful trees. Inside the grove was a mystical light that wavered golden with a green nimbus to a green radiance with gold flecks that tinkled like fireflies. It was a place of serenity where shadows were not cast.

Entering the grove the characters discover a gargantuan statue of a maiden at rest covered in moss and ferns upon which sat a giant fey with a green bowler hat on its vile head, it wore belts of various types strapped and crisscrossed across his waist and up his torso.

The creature claimed to go by many names: the Oakfather, Green Giant, Carlo$ D4nger, Space Cowboy, Ace of Spades, and the Time-thief the list went on. The creature seemed to take great pleasure in perplexing the characters. The Oakfather/Space Cowboy expected some form of tribute, as was custom for those who entered the grove of the sleeping maiden, some seeking blessings for their crops, fortunes in the stars, as well as other reasons but some dark souls (such as the characters) never leave...

The green menace used sleep inducing magic and a confusion spell in an attempt disable some if not all its enemies while the grave risen, the Time-thief's past victims, clawed their way out of the black grove soil. The giant attacked with belts that he unstrapped and lashed whip-like at the characters, but when the attack resolved itself the character was affected by what was essentially a tanglefoot bag. The giant was an illusion and something unseen was lobbing the tangleboot bags.

It was a suspenseful combat, lasting nine rounds, as more grave risen was animated while more characters were slowed in movement and or adhered to the ground. In the end alchemist fires and hellhounds were used and summoned in an attempt to burn the grove.

This caused the fey to reveal itself as if effected by the attacks on the grove and in a flash the Sleeping Maiden, the fey, and the grove were gone. The characters were back in Daggerdale nine hours later.

A period of rest was taken with the only event of note were the sounds of eerie screams in the night heard by Havaok.

It was now day six and noon hour when the characters arrive to the Ruins of Kellet. The walled town was bigger than Green Orb with large broken stone and cracked marble buildings. Ruble and debris were everywhere as a yellow haze filled empty spaces.

Crossing the main entrance the characters pass between the severed heads of two familiar dwarves that turn as the characters enter Kellet. After 150' the characters notice Eragyn and Mara, eyeless and tongueless, chained to a pole outside a prominent building and on this building stood Maskul Mirrormane. At various points Foucher and other Servants of the Dark Sun ready themselves. Then as a pair of undead giants block the exit from Kellet when Maskul looks down at Guetha-Niz the black unicorn and indicates to Havaok he should not take what is not his...

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