Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Zhents Session 17: The Hidden Temple of Cyric

Temple of Cyric
Tiefling Barbarians (5): large infernal stylized bastard swords and nasty looking medium throwing axes, black hide armor, x2 bone javelins, alchemist fire, tanglefoot bag, longbow (20 arrows), potion CMW, spiked bone gauntlets.

Foucher: +1 cunning ranseur, cloak of human guise, potion of CSW, belt of giant strength +2, and the following armor
Price 17,600 gp; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th; Weight 12 lbs.
Alignment LE; Senses 60ft., darkvision
Intelligence 11; Wisdom 12; Charisma 12; Ego +7
Language telepathy (Common, and Infernal)
   This old armor of black chain links has obviously seen heavy use: Five long lengths of chain, to which nasty-looking barbs and small blades are affixed, have unraveled and now dangle free from the bottom of the chest piece.
   This suit of armor functions as a +1 mithral shirt, in addition once per round as a swift action, one of the five dangling chains makes one melee attack (using your base attack bonus) against an adjacent creature of your choice as the armor's dedicated power. The chain deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage (+1 point of damage per enhancement bonus, no Str bonus on damage), and is treated as a magic weapon with an enhancement bonus equal to the armor's enhancement bonus to AC.
   Resonating (Mythic): Three times per day, when the wearer expends at least one use of mythic power on his turn, this armor surges with sympathetic power. Its enhancement bonus increases by 2, and any damage reduction the wearer has increases by 5. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the wearer's tier, and doesn't stack with itself.
   The item's power grants the wearer sustenance and the wearer no longer has need to eat or sleep; furthermore, it's purpose is to roam the planes in a lust to cause and receive suffering, seeking pain through violent abductions and sadistic debauches.
Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, create food and water, animate object. 
Cost 8,250 (plus 1,100 for mithril shirt) GP

Maskul Mirrormane: +1 ominous ironwood quarterstaff, headband of vast intelligence +2 (spellcraft), x2 potions CSW, ring of protection +2, x3 smokestick, x5 sunrods, tanglefoot bag, wand of magic missiles (24 charges, CL7), scrolls of chill touch, color spray, fireball, fly, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, and shield CL7; as well as every 1st and 2nd level Magus spells in Deep Magic

Sumel Ilzimmer: +1 heavy mace, +1 heavy wooden shield, +2 shadow chainmail, eyes of keen sight, cloak of resistance +1, headband of inspired wisdom +2, master work light crossbow, potion of restoration, lesser, ring of protection +1, x2 potion of CSW, wand of inflict moderate wounds (20 charges). Finally, a Cult of the Dragon scroll of Animate Dead (Dragon Skeleton).

Mara Trollsblood: +1 chainmail, +1 lt. mace, cloak of resistance +1, masterwork heavy steel shield, wand of CMW (20 charges), oil of darkness, dust of darkness.

Eragyn the Dark: +1 elven chainmail, +1 scimitar (fey brand), cloak of elven kind, +1 heavy steel shield, wand of restoration, lesser (10 charges), eclipsed metamagic rod, lesser.

Tephna the Erinyes
Codex of Demiplanes: a compendium of different well used volumes from different collections each focused on the subject of demiplanes both in spellform and as alternate material planes.

The Manifesto: personal letters outlines how Sumel planned to deliver Daggerdale back to its demiplane state for his god Cyric by taking control of key planar points in the dale. *Notes indicated the black unicorn Tephna created is the link between Shadow Roads, Ley lines and the Ways, and crucial for his momentous plan's success.

3,000 g in various coinage, 3,000 xp each, +1 mythic trial, and removal of insanity damage. Good job everyone, you have pleased the shadows. Our session continues on the afternoon of day 6 in Kellet. 

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