Monday, July 15, 2013

Trade Routes of the North

The major trade routes are listed with the time it takes outbound to reach the final destination and major stops along the way. Water route travel times are given coming and going to accommodate ocean and river currents. Travel rates may vary depending on load capacity, weather conditions, and the overall peace-hostility climate.

  • High Road: Waterdeep to Baldur’s Gate in 32 days.
  • High Road: Waterdeep to Luskan. Leilon in 11 days, Neverwinter in 17, Port Llast in 19, and Luskan in 23 days.
  • Coastal Route: Waterdeep to Luskan. Outbound to Luskan in 6 days. Inbound to Waterdeep in 8 days.
  • Long Road: Waterdeep to Mirabar. Red Larch in 7 days, Triboar in 13, Longsaddle in 18, and Mirabar in 26 days.
  • River Route: Zundbridge to Silverymoon (by small barge). Outbound to Ironford in 6 days, The Stone Bridge in 14, Yartar in 20, Nesmé in 30, and Silverymoon in 43 days. 
  • Silvermoon Pass: Silverymoon to Sundabar in 6 days.
  • East Trail: Waterdeep to Llorkh Secomber in 11 days, Loudwater in 20, and Llorkh in 27 days.
  • Evermoor Way: Triboar to Silverymoon. Yartar in 2 days, Everlund in 15, and Silverymoon in 20 days.

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