Monday, July 8, 2013

Red Ledger

“Do you hereby swear to live in the light of the law?” The large words fell uneasily and failed to echo even the slightest in the grand hall of the Firelance Knights.

“Do you swear to uphold the seven virtues and be a righteous example for all goodly men?” From many vantage points, gunslingers watched the ceremony with hushed respect as a new warrior-priest was about to receive his guns.  

It was not long ago when the warrior-priest was a tired and beaten man, locked up on the prison island until an opportunity to escape came sailing up one stormy night just as neat as you please.

Before that the warrior-priest was the 1347 People’s Mercy candidate and received a new trial; however after testimony by his twin sister and other witnesses, he was remanded back to Waterdeep prison for murder.
“Do you swear to thwart and destroy evil in all its vile and sinister forms?” The warrior-priest had the look of unshakable determination as the words of the seven oaths took root.

Born into nobility the warrior-priest’s lineage was privileged even among the Waterdeep nobility bringing in mercantile connections from other Realms and exotic artisans into the City of Splendors.

Born a merchant prince the warrior-priest attended a private military academy in Daggerford where he studied a number of skills and gained training. So comfortable was the climate of military life, the academy became his adopted family.

While attending the Academy it was discovered that he was born with the sun mark symbol of Amaunator revealing his destiny for Paladin status whereby Jeromy Kormallis, a well-connected Cavalier, assumed the warrior-priest’s training.

“Do you swear to protect Waterdeep and all her people?” Words fell easily on the warrior-priest who could not have looked more serious or more focused.

Then the murder. 

The warrior-priest longed for a world to return to a past age when he was younger, without red in his ledger, and the weight of mortal sin on his heart.

“And do you swear to fight against all dragons in the North to the death and beyond if fate decrees?” Silence settled back in briefly.

“Yes Sai.”

“Then in the name of the Paladinson and those warriors and priests who came before; I hereby anoint you Knight Geoffman Gundwynd, Paladin of Amaunator.” 

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