Thursday, January 24, 2008

News you can use

I would like James' female character to be the older sister of Rob's 12 year old robot maker. Rob this would make the general your father as well, but it would help explain your access to materials to make a robot.

Butch's Actor/stuntman/FISTER and Russ' UFC fighting teleporting characters have a bit of history. Originally UFC guy was a villian in one of the fister's action movies. During the shoot however the two buddies became famous when stopping a bank robbery in downtown LA. Since then the public has had an insatiable demand for movies with the pair, their latest being shot in the famed area 51 in Nevada. The movie is a quickly written, poorly conceived piece of trash and the two of you soon found yourselves bored with the long hours waiting for blue screen production. After spending some time partying with a beautiful, athletic young woman (James' character), the two movie action heroes agreed to accompany her into the desert where the "real" secrets were kept.

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