Thursday, January 17, 2008


So what's happened in the next 50 years?

1. There is a new Egyptian empire that rules the middle east. The resolution of what was called the Middle Earth war, Egypt now holds sway over a vast array of land full of now worthless oil. The Middle Earth war ended 10 years ago, but the development of item two has lead to new dangerous rumblings from this new world power.

2. The Clausius Engine: People no longer drive cars. They utilize vehicles that are called Entropies. You would own an Entropy. Owning such a vehicle is a sign of wealth and status. Public transportation is now the norm, with all vehicles utilizing this engine which provides its own energy and puts out 0% emissions. The Clausius engine is a worldwide phenomenon, its limitless energy resource has lead to the end of various wars as well as the virtual elimination of hunger. The Clausius Engine was developed seven years ago by a consortium of scientist from all over the world, its patent was given freely by their charter to the world community.

3. India. Only half of India is now inhabitable, its population cut by 75% between radiation poisoning and disease. Thirty years ago war erupted between the former Pakistan and India which lead to a nuclear exchange that threatened the entire world. China now rules over the inhabitable areas of those two nations.

4. China: Twenty-nine years ago, communism fell in China. They have returned to their roots of Empire, the Chinese Empire now controls the remains of India and Pakistan, The Koreas, Japan, and Thailand. Korea, Japan and Thailand were not conquered with military might but economic. The absorption of those countries into China's economic block soon brought each to heel under the new empire. Only Japan retains any sense of independence.

5. The United States now has 2 new states in its Union, Puerto Rico and Old Mexico. Old Mexico covers a large portion of the former northern portions of Mexico. This was a political solution to the immigration battles of the 2020's.


James said...
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James said...

Is the United States still a military powerhouse? It looks like China has the world by the wallet. WHo fought in the Middle Earth War?

Gordzilla said...

The world is now broken up into Economic Blocks. America is still a world leader, and leads the American Common Block, there is also one currency within this block, the dollar. Just as the European block has the Euro, the Chinese block has the yen. The Egyptian block has the Danar. .

As for who fought in the Middle Earth War. Every middle eastern country, the USA, Europe, and many african nations.

Speaking of American power, virtually any western hemisphere citizen may become an American by serving in its military

Russ said...

I would like to have one of my characters from China is that ok? Or should we just stay American?

I do like the intro.

James said...

I guess if were asking...
Is it ok to be Russian? And...
Is electricity the 'power' of choice? Or is the world run on chili beans?

Seriously, is there a new default source that TVs & computers plug into?

You said military background would be helpful... Can I play the socially sheltered 'Generals Daughter' :)

And who is harry goblin? Don? Butch?
Nevertheless I'm glad to see the blog grow!

Gordzilla said...

Yes you can be Russian or Chinese.

James you figured it out, the world is run on CHILI BEANS


Major to mid size cities run on: A larger version of the Clausius Engine. These are very expensive but once owned, create amazing amounts of self renewing energy. Small towns, country sides, many still run on electricty, solar, and wind power. There are still a large number of diesel engines; a ripple effect created when gas powered engines were relegated to second hand status after the development of The C Engine. Now John Q Citizen can purchase, relatively cheaply, incredibly powerful gas powered engines.

Harry Goblin is Butch