Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Virgin’s Square Wolves

Turgoz Tenhammer rode his black courser, a strong and swift as any horse he had ever ridden, while leading his personally picked guards and of course Duke Elton Johns. It was blustery cold, like a wolf winter he mused; he wished the gods of nature would make up their damn minds. He would not lament about the weather this day however; today Turgoz and his men are answering the call of the citizens of the Trades Ward and their own brand of wolves.

“West of the Plinth,” Turgoz explained to the visiting Duke Johns. “a hollow tower that once stood as a place holder on the Realms for those nearly forgotten faiths, sits Virgin’s Square. An animal market and traditional hiring place for warriors.”

“Is it true that the square is thereby named because virgins were sacrificed by the scores to the dragons of the North on this spot before Waterdeep was founded?” Elton Johns asked with boy-like fascination.

“It is a local legend aye, but it has recently fallen under the control of an extortion ring, a gang that likes to play on the fears of the people.” Tenhammer said morosely but with a tint of anger. “Dubbed the Virgin’s Square Wolves by the locals of the trades ward who live under the aegis of these wolves.”

The group pulled up before entering the Trade’s Ward.

“Okay men, look sharp and be ready for a fight- these are predators and will likely have support animal companions and followers and such. Rumors claim there is a noble spellcaster in their ranks so if this individual is identified he is to be captured. Is that understood?”  Turgoz looked for the expected questions to issue from Duke Johns' ever-running mouth, but when none came Tenhammer continued by producing vials of alchemical silver. 

“Apply this to your weapons men… let move.”

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