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City of Dingli (Nicknamed Sky City)

City of Dingli (Nicknamed Sky City)

LN Small City Corruption 0; Crime +1;Economy +2;Law +4;Lore 0;Society 0;Danger +4
Primary Religion:  Hades God of the Dead and lord of the Underworld.
Death, Earth, Law, Magic, Weapon Longsword  
Marketplace Base Value 5,000 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp
Population 3,500 (3,000 human; 80 half elf; 20 elf;  50 halfling; 100 dwarf; 100 gnome; 150 other) 

Government:   Grand Mason over six civil engineer master masons

Grand Mason Lusfra Hallowmark, human widow of former Grand Mason Khane Hallowmark, finishing out the last year of her husband Khane’s 10 year term.  Khane perished in a cliff fall
Lusfra Hallowmark

Akab Qeifad
Akab Qeifad Master of Salt Human Male, The Master of Salt purifies water for the city of Dingli and trades salt throughout the Mediterranean. 

Trorg Stal Master of the Flame Dwarf Male, Master Blacksmith 
Trorg Stal 
Krepka Vopazoth

Krepka Vopazoth Master of the Gate Gnome Male Engineer in charge of the Dam and Canal.  

Pathilan Othrutho Master of Tombs Oread Male Engineer in charge of cliff side burial tombs 

Abushamen Hara’sis Master of the Dead, Half Elf Male, High Priest of Hades. Arbiter and Judge 

Imenagara Tetarta Master of Coin and Stores Human Female, Civil Engineer, manager of resources
Pathilan Othrutho

Abushamen Hara’sis
Imenagara Tetarta

The City of Dingli is a village located on a plateau by the sea around 1000 feet (300 meters) above sea level, on the highest point in Malta. Dingli cliffs fall straight down into the sea and provide open sea views over the small isle of Filfla.  Filfla is primarily used for two purposes, agriculture and religion.  A ceremonial temple to Hades is said to guard the entrance to the Underworld.   

The city itself is spread out around the canal that splits the cliffs some quarter mile away.  The 1000 foot walls of the canal are very dangerous with death being a common enough result for those that work the Canal steps or Dam.  The city’s economy revolves around the trade of peppercorn from Filfla and Salt from the desalinization processes the city undertakes for its own drinking water and sewage processes.  Dingli is often referred to by Maltese citizenry as Sky City for its high elevation.  On some foggy days it sometimes appears as if a cloud has descended.

Ninety percent of the employment in the Dingli is based around the Canal, the Dam, or Filfla Island.  Due to the constant climbing of the cliffs, swimming, altitude changes, and hard manual labor citizens of Dingli are known throughout Malta as excellent athletes with exceptional endurance.  It isn’t uncommon for sea crews both native to and passing through Malta to seek out recruits from Dingli.

Unique Locations:
The Barnhouse: Across the waterways North of Dingli is the cities primary Inn built out of a three large Barns.   Despite the rustic appearance, the Inn is quite comfortable and can house up to 200, although it hasn’t been that full in years.  The Barnhouse is operated by Gunred Vuggel a fourteen foot tall Cliff Giant.  Local legend claims he took over Barnhouse operations some fifty years ago after his family perished.
Gunred Vuggel

Dingli Cliffs
Dingli Cliffs: The magnificent cliffs give spectacular sights when viewed from sea level or from top as they offer a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and Filfla. The cliffs drop 500 feet , before  some flat slopes before dropping again the final 500 feet  to the sea. Local farmers have cultivated the slopes as small terrace fields. The cliffs stretch well beyond the village of Dingli.  Many of the caves that line the Canal walls are family crypts maintained by the Hades faithful.    During some of the fiercest storms that roll moans can be heard coming from the caves.  Some claim the moans are simply the sounds of the wind whistling through the cavern while others claim the sea gods come to claim their fallen souls.
Canal Entry

The Flayer Tree:  Temporary Vendors are provided the area around the Flayer Tree to sell that day’s wares.  One wagon is a daily participant at the Flayer Tree.  Misrah Ghar Kbir’s Wagon of Wonders can be found here daily with a wide array of unique items.  Most locals would avoid Misrah were it not for the quality of his stock, especially healing potions and alchemical aids.   The 30 foot Flayer tree is so named because the high winds of Sky City have blown the trees branches all in one direction.  When the wind blows strongly enough it feels as if the tree is flailing about or reaching for you.
Flayer Tree

Misrah Ghar Kbir

Darlonis Buskett
The Gardens:  A unique garden of plants and trees from around the world. The Gardens are located on the estate of Verdala Buskett an elf of unknown origins.   Verdala’s estate and gardens are a popular location for walks and picnics. Verdala’s wife Darlonis frequently greets visitors, sometimes even providing a tour. Darlonis is believed to be the source of alchemical products sold from Misrah Ghar Kbir’s Wagon of Wonders
Verdala Buskett

Sky Canal: Dingli’s greatest marvel is the canal that cuts through the cliffs to the city.  The canal is natural; the Dam and water tunnels are not. The water engineers of Dingli not only process water through rough tunnels that rise from the sea, but in the process remove the salt which they process for trade while providing clean drinking water for the citizens of Dingli above.  The design of the Dam, Canal, and process for desalinization are the cities greatest secrets which are protected by the Master of the Gate.

Sky Court:  To be able to hold a position of Master Mason on the council comes with several requirements, chief of which is the ability to afford to outfit, train, and house 12 Knights.  The Knights are housed together at Sky Court and provide protection for the councilors, enforcement of law, and defense of the city.  Each Knighthood’s sigil reflects the Master Mason they serve. Examples are a Knight of the Flame, Knight of the Tombs etc. Knights of the Grand Mason are known as Sky Knights. The Leader of each Knighthood has a flying Hippocampus mount that they are bonded with for life. Sky Court is the location of all civic processes within the city of Dingli.  Council meetings, arbitration and judgments, complaints, fines, and tax collection are handled at Sky Court.

Severinus Jovian
Additional Citizens of Note:
Othmar Gislin
Othmar Gislin Sky Knight Black Forest Human Male, Spear, Trident, long sword, Mount’s name Skipper
Severinus Jovian The Salt Knight Sicilian Human Male Sword master, Mount’s name is Salis 

Xenophon Erastos
Vann Floresow
Xenophon Erastos Knight of the Flame, Greek Human Male Long Spear (Dory) and Short Sword (Kopis), Mount’s name is Ignis
Zedarluc Galuggo
Zedarluc Galuggo The Knight of Gates, Half Elf Male Bows, Daggers, short sword, Mount’s name is Tractus
Vann Floresow The Knight of Tombs, Tiefling Female Axes, Mounts name is Sepulcrum
Ulgray Grund
Ulgray Grund  Knight of Death, Fetchling? Male Daggers, javelins. Mount’s name is Mori

Domveris Eglor Knight of Coin, Elf Male, Long Sword, Shortsword, Bow, Mounts name is Nummum
Domveris Eglor


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