Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Five Tower Keep Session 21: 01/03/2019 The Camel Named Black Crocodile

We begin after ten days of downtime and pick back up with our characters during Immewrath’s full moon fights. The club, close to the Applesnooks (and not in Immewrath’s territory), is an old abandoned church (built by dwarves) are where the contests take place; the matches are non-lethal against his stable of monsters.

Weston, a fighter from Gibraltar, came to Lowport to make enough money to start a mercenary company. Fights with a pole-axe and wears a magical mithril breast plate. He comes to Alaric as his hireling.
After these ten days word is still about that the Dragon-king remains in the harbor and because so, he must be waiting for something. Word is that it’s a large convoy of trading vessels from Stormhaven.

The old church is a sturdily built dwarven built one story construction with vaulted ceilings and is surrounded by a rail fence. Two towers lead to the fighting area; one for Immewrath’s favored monsters and one tower for challengers to enter by. By the end of the night we correctly guess that Immewrath rents the temple from Bushwood Applesnook.

The night starts with minor fights between challengers (humanoid vs humanoid). In the stands, rat folk jeer and jape at the combatants. Dwarves represent the brokers here. Some of our characters gamble for the first hour before the first combatant from Immewrath’s stable. All around us are what seem like a hundred and a score of smokers, gamblers and party-goers.

Jamal Riverwalker
The first fighter from Immewrath’s stable looks like an ogre-crossed rat folk who comes in with much fanfare. The fight lasts for nearly 15 minutes where a human beats the barbarian rat folk to a pulp.

Next was Drake against his combatant and after a heated battle, Drake defeats his opponent earning gold for himself. Also during this time Alaric invests in training and gym fees for a group of fighters.
The next item on our character’s agenda is our social gathering at the Banana Tree Embassy with hopes to attract investors; create a staff here in embassy for upkeep in our absence; as well as continuing recruiting efforts to expand the Black Parrot Mercenary company. We focus on the possibility of lost mines, lost magic from souls who have been turned to stone, and a variety of treasures from previously undiscovered ruins and the promise of old world treasure.

A sponsor named Jamal Riverwalker offers his services in two ways having heard of our intentions, he could pilot a vessel to Dock Port or sail to said port and wait for us at Dock Port for our character's eventual return to Low Port. It was an offer to the company for his services. He is our first investor.

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