Monday, May 22, 2017

Zhents Session 14: The Taking of Castle Enneth

Riders On The Storm
We begin this week’s session with the characters starting an early morning return to Green Orb on day three; 27 days until Guthbert is due to arrive at the Flaming Tower. The first hour saw the beginning drops of what was going to be showers and thunderstorms off and on all day. Eventually the characters draw nearer to Castle Enneth where they see two mounted sentries atop the tallest hill about an hour ride west from the Castle. The characters enter the area which causes one of the watchmen to ride east for Castle Ennith.

The characters split up leaving Rancor and Havaok behind. The others approach the Castle and are eventually confronted by six riders each wearing banded mail, shields, swords and spears, while two of them had lances. The characters speak with an individual named Mccray who puts the characters back on track after the characters give the riders a fabricated cover story.

Dylan, Lucas and El Guapo back track to rendezvous with the other characters after learning security around Castle Enneth has stepped up. Skirting south around Castle Enneth the characters arrive to Green Orb around 3 pm and to the Town Hall to find Heldarn Dernesch and Eragyn speaking with Ulric Estone one of the Zhentirim lead by Red Morgan and the cleric of Bane Mara Trollsblood. Dylan recognizes the man from the caravan.
Ulric Estone
Ulric’s story was that the caravan wandered too close to the castle and were approached by riders lead by Gamel from Castle Enneth. When Mara was recognized as a cleric of Bane swords were drawn and we were ordered to surrender as enemies of the dale. When a fight broke out Red Morgan ordered Ulric to make haste for Green Orb and tell everyone of what occurred. 

Meanwhile, outside in the rainy streets of Green Orb, as this story was being told someone notices a leather clad halfling dropping eves outside the town hall building. A chase ensues around the back alley as well as the front streets where the characters trap Balbo Flambard in an alley and capture the resistance’s scout and spy.

Havaok uses the iron rope to restrain the halfling while the characters take poor Balbo back to Town Hall. For the next few hours the characters question Balbo and learn a few things about Castle Enneth and how he came to be in Green Orb. Balbo was deployed from Castle Enneth where Lint Delmiskyr commands a score of freedom riders and followed Ulric to Green Orb. The halfling proved to be a devout resistance member during the questioning until Rancor showed him a fate worse than death; that and the loss of a few digits and the characters believed they had enough information to try to take Castle Enneth. (Balbo: unidentified magic short sword, cloak, armor and bracers.)
RIP Balbo

Waiting for sundown the characters walk to Castle Enneth and wait for darkness before finding a door high up along the outer wall of the Castle. In the meantime Havaok speaks into the shadows and makes contact with Hess. The antipaladin spoke with the kenku about fighting a dragon. Later, as a caravan is being processed in the castle courtyard, the characters make their way into the high entrance leaving Eragyn the Dark and Ulric Estone hidden outside the castle.

After killing a hapless dwarf servant the characters find an unused secret passage with three access points that eventually ends at the inner courtyard where a single wagon is currently being offloaded. Backtracking the characters find the dungeons were Red Morgan, Mara Trollsblood as well as Zhents Mornan and Timrurko were being held, killing two dwarf guards in the process.

After freeing them the characters backtrack the way they came and ascend to the uppermost floor and the rooftop garden and aviary where they get the drop on Aldrich Gundwynd; they take his shit and throw his body off the plateau. Back down the stairs the characters discover the castle resistance occupants are finding the dwarf bodies left behind by their antics; then the giant attacked Castle Enneth shaking the very plateau. (Aldrich: unidentified cloak, bracers, headband, pearl. Wand of Magic Missiles, 2 CMW potions, masterwork swordcane, and a message *see below.)

In the end the characters defeated three dwarfs, ten freedom riders (two were leaders), they finish off a strange hill giant, and drive off who the characters confirm to be Lint Delmiskyr a huge silver dragon.

We pick up a few minutes after combat in Castle Enneth’s courtyard in the company of Eragyn the Dark and Red Morgan, Mara Trollsblood as well as Zhents Ulric Estone, Mornan, and Timrurko.

Castle Enneth

Create 154 Goods, 27 Influence, 142 Labor, 2 Magic (6,930 gp)
Rooms 1 Armory, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bunks, 1 Cell, 1 Courtyard, 1 Crypt, 4 Defensive Walls, 1 Escape Route (Courtyard), 1 Garden, 1 Gatehouse, 1 Gauntlet, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Office, 1 Sitting Room, 2 Stalls, 2 Storages
Animals 10 Horses, 2 Draft Horses, 1 Donkey, 6 Chickens, 1 Cow, 1 Goat, 2 Ravens, 2 Dogs, 4 Oxen

"A. G.- Dark agents in the Dale again my friend. Zhentarim and or followers of Cyric, undead among them include a possible devil. -S.M."

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