Monday, May 8, 2017

Zhents Session 12: Castle Daggerdale

The Hills of Daggerdale
Our session in Daggerdale begins in front of Green Orb’s town hall where Heldarn Dernesch, Hieb Jenton and Danus Treagh had gathered seventeen of the town’s residents and farmers. Some came on horses while most walked answering the call of the town bell. In front of the gathered folk Heldarn swore the characters as deputies of Green Orb and announced that they will henceforth bring justice to those who burned down their church, and harried ‘the cause’ implicating heavily that the freedom riders and the Cavaliers of the Order of the Lammasu (referred to collectively as the resistance) to be the enemies.

The deputy characters set up a line where folk could testify to the crimes committed, but all seemed hesitant except a man who introduced himself as Gwayne, the big rancher. Meanwhile, Havaok searched for good souls in the crowd and came away with two: Cris and Regine Rolst, brother and sister who lived on a farm house on Gwayne’s property and who worked repairing farms and stables. 

As Tiberus, Havaok and El Guapo talked with the big rancher, Lucas and Dylan followed Cris and Regine to their farmhouse and staked them out until the other characters caught up with them a while later retrieving horses from Gwayne. While they were being watched Regine busied herself on the porch while after a few minutes Cris grabbed a horse and rode north. Back at the town hall Gwayne was doing all he could to speak for the town because as far as Gwayne knew Heldarn was the man everyone reported to as constable.

After the purchasing of black horses, stark mounts that would surely spook if taken into combat, from Gwayne and the gift of excess potions from the characters- the deputies rode east for Castle Daggerdale in hopes of finding Iceheart the half white dragon of Daggerhills. Along the way the characters take in the rolling landscape of Daggerdale, appreciating both the cover the hills provide as well as the danger that may lurk behind every hill.
Iceheart- Half Drow White Dragon

After a few hours of travel the characters come to the Ashaba River and a mated pair of owlbears enjoying a refreshing drink from the running waters. The characters attack and defeat the owlbears and encounter tall half-elf wildings. The wildings were odd in appearance; tall in stature they dusted their hair and skin with bone dust giving them a ghostly appearance while also disguising their half drow heritage. They asked the characters what they were going to discard the owlbear carcasses, if they were going to just leave them behind. That turned out to be the case as the characters continued for Castle Daggerdale leaving the dead owlbears for the wildings.

An hour later, on a well-traveled path up to the castle, the deputies encountered more drow wildings who said their queen-mother was under a dream-curse. The characters decided to aid the wildings and see to Iceheart and over the next twenty-one hours learned what transpired here, the price that was exacted, and discovered they held Eragyn as their prisoner.

Three days ago, the night the meteor fell, Ilthond came to Castle Daggerdale looking for information on the Morn family. He held audience with the queen-mother who demanded a carnal price from the Zhent wizard. While this was going on Eragyn mistakenly thought Ilthond sought Iceheart for explicit reasons and jealously fought the two after finding them together. In the end Eragyn was captured and Ilthond put Iceheart in a sleep-curse to be woken only by a kiss from a man after he found what he was looking for: The burial mound for Delgar Morn, Randall’s great-great-great-great grandfather and the identity of the mage who enchanted the Sword of the Dales, Shraevyn. The characters notice a ‘Shraevyn's Tomb’ on the map Guthbert gave them. 

In other information: Eragyn, while weakened and dispirited was not forsaken and was still a cleric capable of seeing to rebuilding the church in Green Orb. The Ice ‘queen’ has been in Castle Daggerdale since the time of troubles, the half-drow wildings came as her servants after. That night the characters feasted on owlbear meat and rested.

Midmorning the next day the deputies traveled back to Greeb Orb with Eragyn the Dark and discuss heading to Shraevyn's Tomb after Green Orb by way of Castle Ennith. 

Castle Enneth

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