Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Meeting Resistance

Some dwarves were known for their stone or metal working, some are known for their divine magical abilities, no Kharva Stonefist was famous, albiet locally so, for her biscuits. Kharva worked at The Hall for decades, and breakfast was her specialty. The Hall is a feasthouse that served the local community in many capacities ranging from stage plays to weddings and of course meals at anytime of the day. The dwarf woman had watched generations of local boys and girls grow up to become farmers, craftsmen, and housewives; then there were the other children who took up the sword and shield whose lives were cut short by the encroachment of evil. Cut short by the Zhentlar.

Kharva worked this early morning to make all her guests as comfortable as possible; resistance members summoned in secret to hear the motivating words of Randall Morn and to exchange information and this morning The Hall was today’s venue.

As Kharva swept the planked wooden boardwalk the first of the dalesman came just before dawn, a devotee of the Benevolence, Melfar of Lathander. Dressed in the new gold dragon motif, the field chaplain worshiped the sun openly singing in draconic to the sun as it crested the Dagger Hills.

Balbo Flambard
Also eager to worship that morning was Realgar Runeguard of the Brightblade dwarves who arrived soon after; however his devotions, Kharva lamented, involved copious amounts of the local brew. 

Kharva started breakfast and soon The Hall was filled with the smells of eggs, biscuits and sausage. She soon heard the sound of approaching horses and before Kharva knew it Balbo Flambard was there, the halfling scout was true to his name and arrived undetected using the sound of Lint Delmiskyr and Vacek Kordova’s arrival; the two handsome riders greeted everyone cheerily. 

Finally, as was usual, Aldrich Gundwynd arrived an hour in advance of Randall. The wizened man entered The Hall and immediately began casting protective and divination spells after which Aldrich sent his falcon to signal the leader of the Freedom Riders and the rightful ruler of Daggerdale that all was well.
Lint Delmiskyr

As morning began in earnest Kharva could detect a faint gallop along the pasture, the approach of the seventh guest was nigh. The men prepared themselves finishing their breakfast and washing it down with the last of the coffee while Kharva started brewing a fresh kettle.

Kharva heard the dales hero dismount and step up the boardwalk, Randall entered The Hall and pleasantly greeted each individual. As he did this each attendee touched the blade of the Sword of the Dales in fealty. This excited even Kharva as she cleaned up, it was no wonder the folk of the dale looked to Randall as their protector and leader.

He looked to the assemblage, “Thank you all for coming.” Randal Morn began, his voice clear and sure. “I will hear any news you have brought me.” As he said this he handed his sword’s scabbard to Melfar as a speaking token conveying to everyone that the cleric of Lathander had the floor.

At this act Melfar spoke up, “The safehouses in Sunstone are secure I'm glad to report, those who wish shelter from the oppression will find food and shelter there.” Melfar handed the scabbard to the dwarf.

Realgar had less than good news to report to the resistance, “Dwarf scouts report orcs have began to settle in Galders and goblins have returned to Stonehome."

Aldrich Gyndwynd
“Dwarf scouts..” Balbo harrumphed deftly swiping the scabbard from Realgar. “.. my rump. Anyway, some interesting news out of Black Switch; a newcomer, from another dale, is looking to buy the old Mage’s Ruse building. If he’s a true dalesman then I’m sure he can be an ally.” 

It was Lint’s turn with the scabbard, “A mage has decided to settle the old Shadowtop Estate at Serpents Bridge and like Balbo’s new friend, not much is known about this one at this time.”

As the morning sunlight illuminated the east wall of the feasthall the scabbard changed hands again, this time to Vacek the Rider of Mistledale.

“As you know both Kellet and Teshmere were destroyed by at least one dragon during the godsfall, while initially assessed as total losses one merchant was overheard at Fulgath’s there were efforts to stage Zhentlar there since there is no reason to go there as both towns are in ruins.”

Finally it was Aldrich who took the scabbard and briefed everyone on what he and Randall discussed before the meeting. Gentlemen, every farm and settlement is important; however, Nettle is more so because it produces much of our food. Any threats against it or its people should be reported at the next meeting.”
Randall Morn

Randall took the scabbard and sheathed the Sword of the Dales and regarded the attendees- his friends, “We have come a long way since the Zhentarim overran Daggerdale and held us under its aegis; we must stay vigilant else our victory will be short lived. I estimate we have four weeks before we see an increase in hostilities.”

“Against more stinking Zhents?” Kharva asked in a rare moment of incredulity.

“Aye, good lady spring fast approaches which is when the Zhentairm reinforcements arrive and I believe if we can thwart them, and if we can keep them from taking Daggerdale this summer- we will have dealt them such a loss they cannot hope to recover from.”

Randall looked to his friends, “Lint, I want you to find out who this new individual is at Shadowtop Manor by tonight’s meeting, we need assets in the dale. Balbo you too, find out who the new merchant is in Black Switch.  The rest of you, my friends keep your ears to the wind and I’ll see you at tonight’s meeting at the arranged location.” 

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