Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gamel and The Dragon

Gamel Emerson
Two Years Ago..

All of Kellet was on fire. Flickering red and crimson shadows reflected off pale stone walls like dancing fairies with wings of flame. Gamel Emerson, a humble rancher who had come to Kellet to sell his brand, surprised himself with his heroics tonight and, quite frankly did not know he had it in him. Emerson did not run like most folk did when the fires began; but in his opinion the Zhentarim or anyone who collaborates with the Black Network are spineless lowfolk at any rate, power-hungry cowards.

When Emerson first saw the terrible red dragon it was perched on the southern stretch of wall that surrounded the small walled city while he was finishing up the days market business. The dragon beat its wings and flayed its tail ferociously. The dragon went for easy prey and plucked a bison from a nearby pen, obviously hungry. With its hunger immediately stated Emerson caught a mischievous look in the dragon’s eye and saw the dragon’s penchant for mayhem reflected in them. 

As men ran to and fro Emerson lost sight of the dragon behind Buxton’s Mercantile when an unexpected instinct came over him. Instead of running Emerson, clear of head and heart, saved four women and three children while the dragon rampaged unchecked on the south east side. Emerson gathered up who he could as he drove his wagon with all haste down Kellet’s main street. When Emerson exited through the south gate he saw something that lifted his spirits to soaring heights.

A silver rider on what seemed like a giant palomino war horse charged out of the night focused on the red dragon; both rider and steed were drenched in fiery colors as they entered the radiance of Kellet as it burned. As Emerson rode for safety, his past life literally going up in flames, he passed the silver hero Emerson would come to know as Lint Delmiskyr.


Gamel Emerson made his way through the stone walls of the castle where Captain Delmiskyr’s large parlor was to be found, the smooth stone halls reminded the former rancher of Kellet which brought thoughts of the dragon.

A short rise of stairs brought Gamel to the parlor door, a great behemoth of a door made from Shadowtop wood and banded with decorative ironworks. Opposite the great door was a painting that rivaled the door in proportions, a depiction of Sir Delhorn Enneth leading scores of followers under a banner of Torm against the vampires of Merrydale. The image was both horrifying and inspirational when Emerson considers the heroics one man is capable of.
Lint Delmiskyr

Before Gamel could knock a voice rose from the parlor, “Gamel Emerson, enter and speak.” The words were well spoken, clear but with a twinge of accent.

The door clicked open revealing a large great hall Lint used as his parlor. The room was draped in alternating purple and silver velvet curtains trimmed in black satin lattice work. Double stitched geometric patterns spiraled out adding a subtle extra dimension to the featured Cormyrean Noble family crest.
“Captain Delmiskyr.” Gamel said saluting as he greeted his commander. “Activity at the Dragon’s Skeleton was reported from the south watch post. Haunting sounds, black Green Orb horses, and as strange as it sounds, the tree looks have been felled at that site.” Gamel waited for a reply, but what happened next surprised him.

Lint closed his eyes and appeared to focus then suddenly opened them revealing silver eyes that, as far as Gamel knew, reflected the entire world like two perfect mirrors. Gamel could hardly behold him because at that moment Lint seemed larger than he was and brimmed with power. Gamel was overcome with joy.

“Thank you Gamel. Your words speak true.” Lint’s voice now had a resonance that was not an effect of the large parlor, his eyes had returned to their normal grey color of rain. “You are to take Rodolfo, Atticus, Jess Green, Burch, Cameron , and Mccray and search the area- return with anything you think is interesting or will be useful."

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