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02/17/16 Tragidore Session 14: Kesefehon and Lyssic’s Crypt

It is two in the morning when we rejoin the Heroes of Tragidore after their hostile sweep through the Crypt of Orbakh; having gathered treasure and propping the guard out front complete with props to make it seem nothing was amiss where the ‘Beautiful Flower’ spawned untold copies of the same man (Naergoth) from before the fall of Myth Drannor.

From this crypt, adjacent to the Tower of Bones, the heroes plotted out three possible ways to the Crypt of Kesefehon where they learned (from multiple sources) that the Everflame wards were assigned.

One possible route passed close to a tomb of noblewoman where an alert sentry kept a watchful eye over the cult’s slaves. The second path that appeared clear would take the heroes close to a clearly haunted memorium that stands to honor the brave elves, humans, and dwarves who fell in the defense of Myth Drannor. The last route and most northern brought the heroes close to the tomb of a once popular performer and orchestrator that is also being used as a slave pen; nevertheless the way appeared clear.

What the heroes didn’t know was this route was also close to Lyssic’s Crypt (where the Blackrock Company disappeared). While attempting to sneak idly by using the cultist’s favored garb the heroes were hailed by Daniel a masked cultist accompanied by two zombies. After a brief exchange Daniel ordered the heroes to follow his two zombies into Lyssic’s Crypt and kill the trespassers.

After watching the zombies disappear into Lyssic’s Crypt and Daniel back to his post, the heroes continue toward their goal of finding the Everflame lads and ladies.

The Crypt of Kesefehon was typical for an elven hero, wolf stylized motifs and artistry adorned every detail. After defeating several glyphs of warding, spear traps, and poisonous gas, the heroes finally find the seven young men and ladies unconscious and in a measure of old stale water. As Zadrian commenced the rescue effort, Cadthronn and Arne hear a death scream from back up the ruins.

Knowing it was not the glyphs going off again Cadthronn and Arne decide to investigate, while one by one the kids are being brought up from the poisonous gas and then healed with positive energy by Wendel and Alaric.

Back at the statue room Cadthronn and Arne discovered a previously undiscovered secret door was now open and from it issued horrible transformative wails from Daniel who was now a mummy under the control of Kesefehon- a mythic mummy. The battle composed of five burning mythic skeletons and Kesefehon who killed and turned Daniel into a mummy, summoned a sandman who in-turn brought forth five sand-formed skeletons.

After the battle and after the Everflame wards were rescued, the heroes recovered the Staff of Visions, Resonating Breastplate +2, and a Keen Longsword +1 Mythic Bane.

Garret Kordova
Gracia Kordova
Helmo Gundwynd
Mura Gundwynd
Jinter Elmaran
Kaarle Van Richten
Rainey Solerer

The following information was also obtained from the young adventurers… One of the cultist’s main plan is to taint the mythal somehow- they are very near the completion of their plans. Some of the cultists started to demonstrate draconic traits ‘scale-touched’. Many of the cultists fear the undead presence felt in Rothilion’s Crypt. And finally the center of cult of the dragon activity is in and around Castle Cormanthor in the ruins of Myth Drannor.

Helmo and Mura assure the PC heroes they are, with the benefit of the aids, confident they can follow the back trail to the Tower of Bones and the shrine portal home beyond. The heroes utilize a scroll of rope trick outside Lyssic’s Crypt to rest and recover before looking for the Blackrock Company.

Eight hours later, during which Alan only sees the back of two zombies walking then disappearing into the darkness of the crypt, the heroes emerge and forage into Lyssic’s Crypt.

Lyssic's Antechamber
Following a path of destruction, presumably left behind by the Blackrock Company, the heroes come across a secret alcove where First Light is discovered. After completely searching the area the heroes hear the scratchy snarls of zombies on the approach and a feted smell coming from down a set of stone steps directly across from the secret alcove.

Hidden from undead the hero’s traverse the stairs to an antechamber filled with about two feet of water. Under a fifteen foot ceiling the three other walls have doors- two wooden doors on the flanking walls and a stone door directly across the stairs; at each side are two large statues of soldiers, one human and the other elf. Floating in the water are the remains of the four pulverized individuals: two human and two half elves- one of which is female. But just as all this was being discovered the two soldier-statues begin to move menacingly toward the party.

We pick up in Lyssic’s antechamber and combat. 

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Russell McConnell said...

Nice Review. So I remember to ask next week.
#1. If the bodies of the Blackrock company have been dead for a while. Why do the cultist continue to send in zombies?

#2. We have been told there were still sounds of battle coming from here, who would that be if the Blackrocks have been turned into powder?