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02/10/16 Tragidore Session 13: The Crypt of Orbakh

Cult Warrior
We catch up with the heroes after their sweep through the Cult of the Dragon’s Tower of Bones that led them to Carson and Celadae, Ryngoth’s journal, and freeing of Guinemar from her torturous week at the heel of Ryngoth.

It was roughly 1 am, there was no snowfall in the Polyandrium unlike Tragidore and while there was no activity during the night, the entire burial grounds had a worked, picked-over appearance.

Conversing with Carson Raiserik and Celadae Vistani the heroes learn that the two overheard information on the cult of the dragon’s activity as well as their unusual treatment. There were not spoke to much in the couple of days following their capture while trying to find their friends.

Atta-Kann’s information is verified after Carson explains he and Celadae left Tragidore a few days behind the Blackrock Company who went in search of the Everflame questers. In their brief captivity under Ryngoth they were locked in private quarters, well fed but under guard. They were to be held until Faerlaur Onthim retrieved them. They were moved to a cell when the tower came under the hero’s attack. The rest of what they learned was also found in Ryngoth’s journal.
Guinemar, Knight of Myth Drannor
A general overview of the journal revealed a forgetful cleric who is not above slavery, with an obsession with magical staffs and a woman named Luersa Verurni as well as details on his/Ryngoth responsibilities toward the Endeavor. The Endeavor was started by Supreme High Dragonservant Faerlaurn Onthim at Midsummer last year- the beginning of the Time of Troubles. Over the following year the cleric Ryngoth has supervised the raiding of dozens of crypts looking for magical key-like relics to access greater, even higher value crypts and their treasures. These findings would fund the Endeavor while potent magic recovered was taken immediately to the cultists Myth Drannor nearby.

Notes on deliveries of masterwork cloaks, masks, and bracers from Darnarest’s tower to the crypt of Orbakh, as well as anything else that has come through the portal at Mystra’s shrine, including a recent tome (Key of Irithlium) that was retrieved and taken personally, by Indrith Shalla, into the ruins of Myth Drannor.

After over a year it has come down to four crypts of interest for the cult of the dragon:

·         Crypt of Kesefehon. Overseer ‘Zilvereen’ – active dig for Kesefehon’s Mythic Regalia (Arcana Staff?) *note- using seven young slaves to reveal traps or pits (some reset**)
·         Lyssic’s Crypt. Overseer ‘Ryngoth (himself)’ – suspended dig for the Divine Scarab (Firstlight- Staff?) *note- many cultists assigned recently in pursuit of adventurers. Divine Scarab needed to open the Crypt of Rothilion.
·         Orbakh’s Crypt. Overseer ‘Indrith Shalla’ – crafting and *development (20 currently stationed) *note- Indrith assigned with delivering the recovered Key of Irithlium to Castle Cormanthor.
·         Crypt of Rothilion. (Rothilion’s Staff?) *note- high value unopened crypt.
Cult Mage

Finally the heroes speak with Guinemar a Halfling Knight of Myth Drannor. She explains how she was captured after escorting Brother Zaganos and Lady Lorraine to a portal that led to their Centaur City home. Guinemar was drugged and kept a secret to everyone except for Rathwill and was used as a luck-slave; she claims this servitude aged her greatly. She also indicated Kesefehon as the Crypt the Everflame group was sent to. Guinemar was beyond grateful and offered to take Carson and Celadae back to Tragidore (Carson taking a masterwork quarterstaff, +1 chainmail, and bracers of armor +1 back to town). Before Guinemar leaves she is asked about other members of the Knighthood- Yontryl, Delia, and Themian, three ‘Knight’s of Myth Drannor’ Guinemar was not at all familiar with.

Cult Priest
With several options in front of the heroes they elect to strike at Orbakh’s crypt-turned barracks. There they find a nightmarish production facility that take the grey-hued leather, cloth and blades from Aurora’s; crafted into masterwork cloaks, masks and bracers at Darnarest’s tower; then enchanted here by spawned copies of a sorcerer named Naergoth.  The spawn, horrifically birthed by a hideous rubbery aberration spherical in shape with three tentacles ending in thorny flippers and four writhing tentacles covered with suckers for movement and combat. The alpha-Naergoth called it affectionately ‘Beautiful Flower’. All in all there were twenty spawn-copies of Naergoth (swordsmen, clerics and mages) that fell to the heroes as well as a secret shrine to Shar (secreted from the cult!).

Recovered were the Hammer of the Weaponsmith, Knife of the Boyer, and Tong’s of the Armorer as well as twenty potions of darkvision, amulets of natural armor +1, cloaks of resistance +1 and dragon-claw bracers +1.

We begin next week’s session after the smoke of battle has cleared; it is 2 am with the Crypt of Kesefehon where the Everflame kids were assigned.

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