Thursday, February 4, 2016

02/03/16 Tragidore Session 12: The Tower of Bones

Atta-Kann Raiserik
The story continues this week after emerging from the portal and into an underground shrine to Mystra. The chamber proved fifty-feet in diameter and featured a statue of the goddess of magic in the center, a pool of water containing the (two-way) portal, and naturally growing crystal formations that radiate healing magic.

It is here the heroes encounter Atta-Kann, house Raiserik’s albino pseudo-dragon, who has been nesting here hoping chance would see allies come through the portal or the young wards somehow evade notice and find their way to the shrine and the portal home. As the Raiserik brothers speak with the lithe pseudo-dragon Zadrian, Alaric and Alan pray to Mystra.

The prayers were selfless and the sacrifices large; in return Alaric was able to supply the names of the fallen warriors that would eventually end a haunt along the path and Zadrian learns of a priestess of Shar has tread upon this shrine to Mystra in the past. Zadrian, taking an oath to forevermore walk without boots, knows that his oath will be fulfilled with the destruction of the priestess.

Arne Kordova
Meanwhile Cadthronn and Wendel conversed with Atta-Kann and confirms the timeline of when Carson and Celadae left, however the heroes learn for the first time that Carson and Celadae were a few days behind a small adventuring from the Blackrock Company who went in search of the Everflame Wardens.

Carson and Celadae were discovered and taken to the Tower of Bones almost a week ago; Atta-Kann expressed trepidation on getting too close to the tower because of a hostile dire badger, the animal companion to one of the cultists.

In the time the pseudo-dragon has been hiding in Mystra’s shrine two groups of cultists have come through the portal from Darnarest’s Tower: the first group of men took assembled master work claw bracers, sculptured leather masks, and black half-cloaks to one of the larger crypts adjacent to the Tower of Bones. The other recent group of three, lead by Rathwill, went to the Tower of Bones. The small albino creature does not know where the original Everflame wardens are or if they are alive but does warn of the haunt along the path to the Polyandrium.
Alan Kordova

After cautiously exiting the shrine, defeating the haunt along the path, the heroes are surrounded by a dozen mythic skeletons. After destroying the skeletons (completing their first mythic trial) the heroes cross the shallow stream and come to the Tower of Bones to discover necromancers animating dead on the rooftop under the night sky.

Without the element of surprise the heroes entered through the front door of the tower and defeated Ryngoth, Rathwill, several apprentices, necromancers, soldiers and guards. A five-minute search finds a Shrine to Velsharoon;  rescues Guinemar, a female luck-slave; while the rest of the tower and reveals Carson and Celadae in one of the lower chambers fed and seemingly well tended to. 

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