Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Staff of Saint Astraea

Miralda was an eccentric woman, devout and disciplined as well as executioner of evil for her dragon-liege, an aspect of one of the seven virtues. Her mail was mithril as was her bracers; her cloth padding, boots, and cloak were all fashioned from the finest elven craftsmen; and her weapon... well, that was her current dilemma. Her Guillotine Axe, a weapon that had once served her well, put to use severing many heads of half-devils that infested the realms around Nimbus was stolen during her battle with the Twin Fangs of Baalzebul and cast into the dire volcano that smoldered everlastingly to the east. It was a victory for the agents of sin. 

Her vow would not be compromised however so she searched and, with the help of a Nimbus visionary named Freke, they found a legacy weapon that would serve as a viable replacement for her lost Guillotine Axe. 

The Staff of Saint Astraea is a quarterstaff once used by its name sake during the Dawning when this plane was in transit and in danger of being infused into the one of the lower planes. Astraea utilized this staff on her many planar quests to ultimately defeat her diabolical enemy on its own plane of Hell thereby opening its legacy abilities along the way. Her return to this realm was short lived because she began to age at an alarming rate and died within that first year of the sun. 

Now, after weeks of searching and unlocking the clues to the legacy's resting place Miralda discovered the staff lying in repost deep within Nimbus. In recovering the staff she hefted her new weapon to test its weight and balance; she would need to become as familiar with it as her former weapon if she hoped to send her new enemy back to The Valley of Defilement on the Seventh layer of Hell. 

The devil, labeled 'the Adjudicator' because of its role in dispensing infernal justice to those contracted who turn their backs on sin and embrace virtue, was a recent menace to Nimbus, the realm and an enemy of virtue. The Adjudicator was a obese, slimy creature bedecked with veils and tassels that gave it the look of a pasha or sultan of sinful countenance. It spoke with a silver tongue, possessed powerful magic, and carried a bent and serrated black blade that had no hilt, cross guard or pommel, and continuously wept blood. 

With the Staff of Saint Astraea in her hands Miralda went in search for the visionary and her next step along the path to the Adjudicator. 

Author's Note: The Guillotine Axe was not destroyed, but was corrupted and cast among Mother's vast hoard; a legacy weapon now diametrically opposed to the Staff of Saint Astraea. 


James Caruso said...

+3 Staff of Saint Astraea (table 4-2 pg. 185)

+1 quarterstaff (Olfactory Omen: smells of brimstone)

5. +1 Weapon Enhancement (A)
6. (-1 attack)
7. (-1 single save penalty, -2 hp) +2 Strength Enhancement
9. (-2 single save penalty) Fire Resistance 5 (B)
10. (-2 hp) +1 Deflection Bonus (A)

12. (-2 attack) +1 Weapon Enhancement (B)
14. (-2 hp)
15. (-3 single save penalty) Evasion (F)
16. (-2 hp) Dimensional Anchor (D)

17. Plane Shift (G)
18. (-3 attack)
19. Displacement (H)
20. (-4 single save penalty) Heal Self (G)

James Caruso said...

+6 Guillotine Axe (Table 4-3 pg. 185)

+1 Great Axe (Material Omen: always bloodied)

5. Cause Fear (A)
6. (-2 hp)
7. (-1 skill penalty) Human Bane (B)
8. (-2 hp) +1 Weapon Enhancement (A)
9. (-2 hp)
10. (-2 hp) +10' Speed Enhancement (B)

12. (-2 hp) Cunning (D)
13. (-2 skill penalty)
14. (-2 hp) +4 Strength Enhancement (E)
15. Keen (D)
16. (-2 hp) +1 Weapon Enhancement (D)

18. (-3 skill penalty, -2 hp) Moment of Prescience (H)
19. (-2 hp)
20. (-2 hp) +3 Weapon Enhancement (H)

Gordzilla said...

I really like both of these.

James Caruso said...

Awesome thanks. :)