Friday, May 16, 2014

Review 5/14/2014

With the routing of the devilish Rakshashas came the failing of the many illusions that not only disguised the creatures but also masked the dilapidated conditions of the VanFleet estate. Hence the four responding Black Crown wizards, confused by the reveal, decided to evacuate the battle- but not before providing aid to Jaren in the closing moments. However one, Kokoro Reese, is a wildcard and may prove to be problematic. He is an enchanter with psionics who is most ambitious.

Gretchen, surprised that the attack came so soon, was eventually forced to flee only to be chased by Versel into the open air above Stormhaven as berserk house constructs surfaced and the remaining Rakshashas ran with their tails between their feline legs. 

"Adin-lir" a word in truespeech spoken by the first commander of the Archdevil of Stygia imprisoned Gretchen's soul within a gemstone ending her 500 year reign, fulfilling the Keeper's (Adalwin Joscelin) pact with the devil of Stygia and ending Gretchen's pact with Tiamat's rival for the first layer of hell. 

After an hour of cleanup and securing the VanFleet's with agreements between Arkiel, the Keeper and Nefertiti, the Sons of Nissian return to the Cinder Block for some brotherly hoard builing where a map and a wand of restoration greeted us. 

While the Sevens, the Rakshashas, and Gretchen were not 'working with' the alien jailer they shared the same playing field and seems to repect each other's place in Stormhaven. The capture of the VanFleet's and the personalities therein is a boon for the Keeper and his/our allies including monies, the prestige of a founding house, as well as bountiful shipping resources. 

It was revealed that Zeran Vanfleet (third in line) is a true Vanfleet and that Alvord VanFleet (major domo) is not a true-blood family member but also not a Rakshasha (but had one as a stand in). He is believed to be a aboleth prisoner. 

The after effects of the combat resulted in advancements in legacy items, our character level as a bonus to intimidate to reflect our draconic aura, and Versel to become mirage-like due to the overwhelming magic used to aid our endeavors in combat.

Unrest abounds within the Black Crown after every contract with a wizard was called in to protect the agreement holders due to the VanFleet battle. Many know that Gretchen was killed as well as some individuals around the world. As far as most know we (sons of nissian) were fighting Rakshashas not the VanFleets, which is to our benefit.

The battle won us new prestige in the city with Jaren and Auge becoming famous craftsmen with a 'house brand', Versel with is new aura, and Durg feared as a true mage slayer.

We begin next session Thursday with a couple of plane-shifts in and out of the world closer to mother and a teleport that should complete the journey. Very fun battle!

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