Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning! Today is Saturday, December 5th, 1987.

"Manhattan Crime boss Alphonse Capone III, escaped sometime yesterday from his undisclosed maximum security prison confines. His escape comes less than twenty-four hours after being mysteriously captured by an unknown individual or individuals and left for NY authorities to discover. His notorious mail-order wife; who goes by the name Swedish Spider, who is suspect in several unsolved criminal investigations- has also gone missing. These individuals are considered armed and very dangerous; if you have any information on the location of Capone or the so-called Swedish Spider, you are asked to call the NY police or the FBI. This is Sherri Potter Reporting."

In nationa
l news: Russian General Secretary Gorbachev is expected to arrive early Monday in the U.S. for a summit meeting with President Reagan. This will be the third such meeting between world leaders, the first here in the U.S. These talks are being held in hopes to reduce the nuclear weapon arsenal both countries have amassed since the Kennedy Administration. We will have live coverage starting Monday morning at 7am.

*The FBI does not condone or encourage vigilantism of any kind. If such individuals are found in violation of the law they will be prosecuted.

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