Monday, August 18, 2008

Without Question

(Jessie) The question of Percy’s ethics and motivations has surfaced again. And once more I stand by my assessment that he, while motivated by his own goals and interests, is not malevolent. Percy is human and therefore flawed; yes he has made mistakes and yes had associated himself with the wrong people. But that does not make him sinister in my book. While there is no doubt that many questions that shadow him and he has much to answer for, but our enemy throughout these events has been The Mukai without question.

Information gathered recently (from our 1940’s Mukai prisoner) is that the Mukai team was to abduct three Nobel Prize winning scientists at an assembly on May 31, 1968… before Percy does. This fact raises not a single question for me, simply because we have seen Percy freely associating with historical scientists before; Tesla and Newton to be specific. So it’s no surprise that a type of free information sharing collective is being assembled that include the best intellectual minds of our history. Our strategy is a little more straight forward; then again, combat tactics against time-traveling forces was omitted from my text books.

First things first, we need to lay low with the two individuals until we are sure the threat has been neutralized. If possible, I’d like to suggest the moon. If the Pfister-Car can endure the moon’s atmosphere, no one should be looking for us there and from what I hear on the news; Russia is due to land a device on its surface.

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