Thursday, August 21, 2008

Major Jessie Ralston (Field Report: November 1, 1967)

(Jessie) Leaving Phil behind with our new female companion (former Mukai inmate) and the two Scientists; Donald Glazer and Louis Alvzrez, we traveled to Chicago the next day to investigate the disappearance of Murry Gell-Man.

Greeted by a student aid who then showed us a ramshackled laboratory and private area. Using my post cognition abilities I was able to see the remnants of the Mukai team; disguised as US military, escort Gell-Man off grounds and later return to retrieve key items (particle accelerator, microscope and a ‘monitor’). Left behind or forgotten was a nullifier device and what seemed to be microscopic building blocks of nanite-tech. Both future technology. From here trail went cold.

Rutherford suggested going to Paris as the next logical place the Mukai team would go to hopefully collect Don Glazer. He was right and we got the jump on them- killing their big-gun and mentally dominating another (Job Criger) while the woman (i.e. AlterReality-Woman) was mortally wounded but got away.

Job Criger (a density vampire-type) fell to Sam’s mental power and divulged many Mukai secrets. He believes that AlterReality-Woman is losing her sensibilities and has probably killed Gell-Man, but that has not been confirmed.

The following is some of the information Job Criger shared with us before he was killed.

  • AlterReality-Woman is the finest creation the Manhattan Bank machine created.
  • He as worked for Mukai for ‘sometime’.
  • Mukai’s original temporal device was destroyed during the Eldrige event in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Mukai’s base is in Mt. Fugi in 2058, and is probably where AlterReality-Woman is now (1967).
  • Moon base was bought by Mukai and was originally a mining/research facility. He was to provide a layout of the complex.
  • The location of temporal machines he knows about: Mt. Fugi, the Carrier, Chicago and the original Mukai device (see above).
  • Job Criger was a mercenary who was paid to undergo a program where he attained his powers.
  • He is unclear on how deep the US President and Mukai’s relations run.

(Phil has yet to add in a trio of questions before we kill Job. If there are any remaining details omitted- leave a comment.)


Gordzilla said...

James you get a hero point.

Russ said...

(Sam) We also learned the Mukai had a lot ridding on this mission and its successful completion was vital to one of the Mukai’s plans.

One of Job’s duty’s (if necessary) was to neutralize alter reality women if the need arose as she was loosing her grip on reality as to what was real and what even she had changed.

Job was under the affects of some type of influence or suggestion. The end result was no direct ”personal” questions about the Mukai could be answered. He could give his opinion and theories, and answer general questions about what he himself experienced but if he was targeted with a direct question about The Mukai he would faint.

It would seem the Russians stationed at the moon base where also included in the sale. So there is not only Meta prisoners held there but some of the Russians running the facility are there unwillingly as well. I believe we could end up with a few allies to help in the inevitable storming of MT Fugi if we can pull off some kind of prison break.

There are some Meta’s that cannot have there powers neutralized.

Job had no knowledge of any other Meta team or organization directly opposing Mukai that we didn’t know about. I would also like to mention he never named the Rockefeller family as opposition so hopefully the knowledge of there involvement is still secret.

It would seem the “original” temporal device that was destroyed is located on the island that is now being called the City of Gold.

The Carrier is currently off the cost of San Francisco and will be returning to Japan soon.

James said...

Thanks Troy! I hope Russ gets one too. Sorry I was off my game... I was beat.

Gordzilla said...

Russ you get hero point too.

robm1171 said...

(Paul) Hmmm... An aircraft carrier w/ a time machine attached. I wonder if the machine could be hooked up in some way as to move the entire ship through time. Huh, seems I've heard that story somewhere before (chuckle). If it's headed back to Japan, we may wanna try to either stow away or hijack it.