Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You better sit down

(Jessie) While our team is back at full strength I can not help bu think how fragmented we remain. Prioritizing our goals, preserving our assets and utilizing our resources; remains our hottest topic in group meetings. It seems I know how Mukai feels when we execute a successful mission.

It makes little difference what we do in the now, when it could change in a moment. Once we understand how our actions impact Mukai and his machinations, can we stop his raping of history. Furthermore, I remain in the school of thought that we can prevent Mukai from making important contacts in the past.

May 31st 1968 is the last plotted destination and will probably be the most difficult. I doubt Mukai will let us interfere without trying to stop us. Every intercept of these groups has been relatively easy. But I don't think Mukai knew positive we have our own way to time travel- he knows now.

Looking into past events I search for ways Mukai benefits from the events in 1968; then it dawns on me. Maybe it is not only Mukai but the President somehow gains prestige of a nation or falls under the aegis of Mukai.

Welcome back Paul, we have some catching up to do.

To sum up: (last week) Jeremy and I were promoted and given US Martial status. Gen. Ralston presented papers proving we exist- Jeremy and I are public. Visit to Rockefeller's Plaza and depths below. Discussion and debate on our next goal.

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