Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An offical letter from the desk of a secret location somewhere in the Nevada desert!

To whom it may concern

I leave this communiqué to be discovered by someone in the distant future, to try and help make sense of what has happened to our mission. If you have stumbled across this accidentally please return it for the sake of our country. If you came by it honestly than I am sorry for my vague references but I cannot be sure this location has remained secure. I am not willing to compromise myself, my team, or the mission I intend to undertake.

I am the lone participant of a team that has traveled here from afar to combat a hostel force infiltrating our government. My team has either been killed in a horrific explosion or at best been flown to safety by our pilot and unable to return. Either way I must forge ahead alone, if I am to try and salvage any part of this campaign.

First I have secured a prisoner who will provide vital information as to our enemy’s objectives at this location. Based on my findings, and as a secondary mission I will try and run interference on those objectives to the best of my abilities. However my primary plan of action has already been set into motion and cannot be undone. I must keep the identities of my accomplice’s secret, as well as the details of our objectives as to not risk there safty or tampering from outside sources. I will say that I intend on staying at this “location” for 14 months to ensure success of my mission after which I will return home.

I will check this location biweekly for news in case you are somehow able to respond. I hope to see you again when I return home.

Sam Patriot

P.S Phil I parked your truck in the last underground parking garage we staged our trip from

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Russ said...

Troy might tweek the facts a little. But I like my point of view.