Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Special Agent Capt. Jessie Ralston: Report

(Last week) After our run-in with the Mukai agents in 1945 Japan, we searched ‘ground zero’ castle in hopes that Sam would return. Our discoveries included loot stashes, and a safe. The safe proved to be about as effective as a brown paper bag to Phil. Inside was the afore posted picture of a bomb, and documents of the time-period; our trophies of war.

As dawn approached I attempted a temporal view into time, to ascertain the whereabouts of Sam. Apparently he was in ‘our’ future, from where the Mukai agents were sent from. Most likely on the carrier vessel we were familiar with.

Major Rutherford had a brilliant idea that would expend our radiation sensor but would expand its capabilities to pinpoint our temporal portal and Percy’s observation team (believed to be the German Scientists).

Discovered at the waterfront warehouse were one Enhanced Individual displaying duplication powers and four others; half dyeing from radiation fallout and the other half suffering from temporal shock. Much was discussed with the duplicator and many questions were addressed before returning to 2058 (current time), Mukai Industries Chicago and an unmanned temporal device.

Upon returning to Area 51 it was discovered that history is no longer as we remember; subtle changes have improved the overall influence of Mukai Global Industries.

Reports were submitted and the usual battery of tests performed that lasted two days. We talked with Chance who suspected Percy could have gone to Tunguska Siberia in 1908. He also aided with new satellite technology to track Sam- who was not discovered.

A woman (Percy’s team) was spoken with that brokered the introductions between Percy and Mukai. (I’m fuzzy on the details of what was discussed.)

Our next objective was to travel to the Mukai carrier (off the coast of Japan) in hopes to make contact with Percy (I’m fuzzy on this) and attempt to get a fix on ‘when’ these Mukai agents come from.

Our attendance on the Mukai carrier was paid little heed until we decided to put the jump on two unsuspecting Mukai employees guarding the way to the temporal device.

(After our ‘surprise’ round of combat we ended our session. Please comment to add details as you remember them.)

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