Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Captain Jessie Ralston: Report

The two Mukai guards blocking the entrance to the stairs that led to the temporal device proved to be very formidable. It took mediation (by Tamara Morris) to end the fight that would have probably led to more deaths and disaster.

As it turns out these individuals really didn’t know what they had on their hands. They were compiling usage data and beginning the process of translating the information from the machine.

It was clear that getting free access to the temporal device was not forthcoming. We knew that objects could be sent back in time, so a document was transferred back giving us ‘diplomatic’ or very important guest privileges. It was the open access we needed.

In the process of accessing the device- also discovered was Sam, in the future; days away actually, and that is was better to just wait and catch up to him. However, more importantly was the revelation that the Mukai carrier would meet a fate similar to the Eldridge Event in ‘weeks time’. Things seem to be coming to a head. It was decided, by the Bad Ass Four Plus More to travel to the past (1908 Siberia) in hopes to meet up Percy and deliver the news and information we have discovered. We would hope that our return will coincide to when Sam catches up to the current time.

Our travel backward one-hundred fifty years finds us in a expansive land consisting of wet-lands, wooded areas and a castle-like structure retrofitted with metallic rods connected with wires and cables. Like some Frankenstein creation.

It was not long before a long carriage was found heading up to the castle. After stopping the vehicle we were reunited with a familiar face (a being referred to as Nova), who questioned us and our intentions. It was made VERY clear that we came in peace looking for Percy and that we were interested in being involved in plans against Mukai.

We were brought before Percy straight away, but he was not alone. With him was Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla. Both seemed to be working together and separately with unique agendas in the coming months before the Tunguska Event. Percy, delighted in the return of one of his lost teams, also asked in assistance in undoing all the corruption that Mukai has caused to history. We were only too eager to oblige.

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